My new car

Finally, at the age of 24, I can say that I have my very own car now 🙂

It makes me even more happy to know that I bought it with my own money… Ok, my brother helped by paying $300 of it too >___> but whatever! I paid for most of it and I’m so proud of myself. I’m one step closer to becoming fully independent.

Some of you (ok, most of you) probably think “Well, you are twenty four. You should have been had a car by now.”

And you are right. I should have. But we all know life never goes according to plan.

I’ve always been embarrassed to admit this, but I never even got my driver’s license until I was 22 years old. Most teens are eager to learn to drive, but I was always TERRIFIED of driving. The fact that Narada died in a car crash didn’t help my fear. Having control is what scared me. Too much control, in my opinion. I could end my own life and someone else’s with just a mere turn of the wheel.

I had my first driver’s test when I was about 18 years old and literally bombed it. I passed the written portion with a 95%, but I failed the driving portion. You know, the portion that meant everything. I wasn’t prepared at all and I was beyond nervous. In fact, on the way to the driver’s test, I almost crashed into another car that was in my blind side and died on the way to the driver’s test. When the test started, I got nervous and didn’t even know how to honk the damn horn of the car. It was definitely one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. It didn’t help that the lady giving me the test seemed like she just got out of military school. She gave no fucks that day and I don’t blame her. I was awful. She wouldn’t even let me drive off of the parking lot and sent me home immediately when I couldn’t parallel park. Running over a cone didn’t help.

“That could have been a child”, she said looking at me with a stern face.

“Well, it was clearly a cone”, I thought.


My self esteem plummeted straight to the floor.

When I hit the age of 22, after years of enduring awkward, polite silences when I told people I still didn’t have a license, I figured it was time to officially face my fears. There’s an age you reach when it officially becomes creepy when you don’t have a driver’s license and I’m pretty sure 22 is that age. A girl can pass for not having a driver’s license at the age of 18. You’re still in the phase were it’s considered “cute” and people excuse it because you’re so young, but 22? Being 22 and not having a driver’s license is like walking around with a pedophile beard. It just becomes awkward and painfully obvious.

This is for you, Narada“, I said as I stepped into the car and sat in the drivers seat.

It was my mom’s car; the car I would do the test in. A burgandy red Envoy. My dad was preparing to send me through a two week boot camp for the driver’s test, aka hell. Whenever I didn’t go fast enough on the road, he forced me to press my foot down on the gas to go faster. Invisible tears rolled down my face and, if you were quiet enough, you could possibly hear my faint cries for help. to this day, you can probably find blood stains somewhere on the steering wheel where I gripped it too hard trying to save my life.

I took the driver’s test for the second time and literally passed with a straight 100%. That was one of the happiest days of my life. Absolutely nothing went wrong on that driver’s test and parallel parking was the very first thing she had me do. I was completely confident and ready that day. It also helped that the lady giving me the test wasn’t Satan.
Two years later, I now have this:




It’s a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle. The love of my life, next to Dani. I think I slept walked the night I bought and went outside in my PJ’s and humped it. That’s how much I love this car. It may seem lame, but a beetle has always been my dream car. I wanted black, but grey will do just fine.

Dani and I have went back and forth on what to name the car. “You can’t have a car without a name,” I thought.

Vegeta  was all I could think of.

“Give me a day to think about it.”, I told Dani.

The very next day, Dani called me and asked me “Have you decided yet?”

“Yes.” I paused for a bit. “I’m going to name it Bug.”

It wasn’t the most original, but it stuck in my head more than Vegeta.

Dani just smiled and sarcastically said, “Well, I’m sure no one else has ever thought of that name for a beetle.”

And we both laughed.

To this day, he still refuses to call it Bug and calls him Vegeta instead.


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