Gyaru nails vs dolly kei nails

While looking through pictures online on Tumblr and postings of the Grimoire shop staff, I couldn’t help but notice the differences in gyaru nails and dolly kei nails. I apologize if any of these nails are anyone’s personal design. I just searched random images on Google and collected these through image sites like Tumblr. If you want me to take one down, please let me know.

Which style do you think is best? ^^

Gyaru Kei Nails

Think Cat Woman and imagine the girl you don’t want to get in a fight with. Deadly, sharp, and (at times) long. The nails are as loud as the style itself.

 photo tumblr_mjifdhDOPI1qh076fo1_500_zps1ee19019.jpg

 photo tumblr_mjlf3rX71y1rcebrwo1_500_zpscfeaee1c.jpg

 photo pink-french-tip-gyaru-nails_zps6e3fb7d7.jpg

 photo cvhbjnlkm_zps6024af63.jpg

 photo tumblr_lvo78pJU0T1qfgsq4o1_400_zpsbc43e90d.jpg

Dolly Kei Nails

Short, neat, and clean cut. Rounded tips. Definitely the type of girl whose ass you could whoop in a fist fight. Dark and morbid. Think fairy tale gone wrong.

 photo 18579_zps326f4d26.jpg

 photo tumblr_m5f55dhrPS1qhs3nso1_500_zpsb556dc59.png

 photo tumblr_mcn0hkk6bz1qhs3nso1_500_zps4dd74501.jpg

 photo images_zpsefb86df2.jpg

 photo 17985_zpsf6826f72.jpg

 photo 17987_zps5ea048a8.jpg

 photo 18529_zps408a083c.jpg

 photo 1e2684da901d2f1107a1e676d65a0f97_zps7834f0fd.jpg

 photo tumblr_mfiqgjkbrQ1ruwg44o1_400_zps3df1d4ac.jpg

Both styles are beautiful in their own way, but I think my heart points more towards dolly kei nails. They just look so regal and, just like the style, they remind me of morbid fairy tales. I wish I didn’t have to wipe asses for a living. I can’t wait until the day I can decorate my nails instead of seeing them deteriorate from use of latex gloves. I don’t think all gyaru nails must be overly decorated and super long though. Some styles are cute and short. I’m not such a fan of the super long gyaru nails. They remind me too much of the stereotypical “ghetto” nails that black women are always portrayed wearing.

 photo hCD10BC30_zpse4a4212e.jpg

 photo ghetto_nails4-300x262_zps855cc64d.jpg

Why is that it’s “cute” when Asian girls do it, but, when black women do it, it’s considered “ghetto”? 😡


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