Gyaru Tiny Chat meeting and finding my style

I attended my second gyaru Tiny Chat meeting on Saturday! It was so much fun ^__^

It was exciting to finally meet the girls (and guys) of the Black Gyaru of the World Facebook group.

The first meeting:

 photo tumblr_mkvbt9ZGOP1qcxvano1_1280_zps54bd1f91.png

 photo tumblr_mkvebcbvYY1qd61tro1_500_zpsb540758c.png

The second meeting:

 photo 04-13-2013_zps10342690.jpg

and my look…

 photo original_zps4484f7a0.jpg

 photo 2013-04-13184520_zpsc298c92c.jpg

I’m starting to get used to this HimeCastle wig 😑

I also just recently found out that Heri, my main style inspiration, is no longer a Grimoire Girl and will no longer be dressing in the dolly kei style. I talked with my friends on the dolly kei Facebook group about it and has been officially confirmed. This shatters my heart. She was such a huge inspiration to me. I even renamed my Tumblr blog in dedication to her style. I can no longer find as many pictures of her on Tumblr and I heard that she is now selling her dolly kei clothes as the Grimoire shop.

I decided to find as many pictures of her as a could to celebrate her remembrance.

 photo tumblr_mcxlgyy3Kt1qmhqnwo1_500_zpsd298f517.jpg

 photo tumblr_meszhhT05s1qbiv1io1_500_zps3535695f.jpg

 photo tumblr_mf8j7i5ie01qk09zho3_1280_zpsf7376bc0.jpg

 photo tumblr_mh3kve3sVd1rtxfzxo1_500_zps12a38520.jpg

 photo tumblr_mjjxbuGy1V1s5bas1o1_500_zpsdec73f98.jpg

^ Such an inspiring picture! I think it was her most popular look.

 photo tumblr_micwrbe5dQ1qbiv1io1_500_zps420b110a.jpg

 photo tumblr_mc4tuciZVO1rtxfzxo1_500_zpsd4d8b181.jpg

 photo tumblr_mev0l7jxyL1rtxfzxo1_400_zps3265590c.jpg

 photo tumblr_mhi707PU7A1s29u2do1_400_zps444d1f8a.jpg

 photo tumblr_meh4thcAMi1rkfe68o1_400_zpsda4024d1.jpg

 photo photo11-e1280119038544_zpse04e3562.jpg

Her style was so original and artistic. If it weren’t for her, I probably would never have became interested in dolly kei to begin with. She will truly be missed.

Between talking to members of the two groups, it has really got me into thinking what style I really want to follow. I try to narrow it down to one, but I’m not sure if I can. I love too many styles, but, oddly, as the days pass, I’m starting to realize I may be less into the gyaru style than I used to be. I’ve researched so many gyaru substyles and just when I thought I finally found the one that describes my style perfectly (mori gyaru), all the girls in the Black Gyaru of the World Facebook group shout that mori isn’t a real gyaru style and you can’t mix Mori Girl with gyaru. My heart shattered in that moment. Outside of that, the only other gyaru style I kinda liked was Hime-kaji. They say they are both the same, but I don’t think so. If I do dress gyaru, I’ll probably just stick to Hime-kaji or sexier styles such as Mode or Onee Gal, but I definitely don’t love those styles as much as dolly kei and I lost most, if not all, my interest in cult party kei and I don’t think I love Mori Girl as much as I love dolly kei. Dolly kei seems to be taking over my life.

This realization scares me. I don’t want to leave the gyaru community. It is much more active than the dolly kei community. Everyone in the dolly kei community seems more laid back. There is no dolly kei secrets website like there is a gyaru secrets website so there is way less drama. I mentioned how hard it was to choose between gyaru and dolly kei in the dolly kei Facebook group and all the girls casually recommended that I just mix the two styles together like it was no big deal. If I were to mention this in the gyaru Facebook group, they’d probably all laugh and go on some rant about how that’s not what a gyaru truly is. But I can kinda understand their frustration. If you continuously mix and match every style, then what is the point of calling it “gyaru” if it’s not really gyaru? Gyaru then loses its own unique appearance and becomes confusing.

For this reason, I never really call myself a true gyaru. I just simply say my style is inspired by gyaru kei.


3 thoughts on “Gyaru Tiny Chat meeting and finding my style

  1. Honestly,I think you should just do what makes you feel happy. Even if many in the BGOW don’t consider Morigyaru a substyle,doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to do it and still call yourself gyaru. who knows,maybe the reason why its not a thing is because there isn’t enough people doing it? I still don’t know where I am in those categories,so Im just trying stuff out untill I do.That’s just my two cents. Also I find it funny that you managed to take a picture that one moment I was gone to the bathroom πŸ˜›

    • Thank you πŸ™‚
      That makes me feel better. And, waaahhh, you’re right TT___TT I’m so sorry. I apologize. I didn’t even notice until it was too late. I should have took another one. Hopefully next time. I didn’t stay for long for that meeting and I was just randomly playing around with all the Tiny Chat settings. I didn’t mind much at the time though because I never planned to write a blog post about it, but now here I am writing a blog post about it : /

      • Hehe thats ok though, im not offended since im not one of the “popular” ones afterall πŸ˜› I didn’t stay that long either,I’ve been having the worst internet connection since forever + I was too shy to even try to talk to anyone too :/ just ended up playing spyro instead πŸ˜› Yes I was the one playing spyro. hopefully I’ll be more courageous next time ^ ^

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