No pain, no gain

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Today makes the fourth consecutive day were I followed through with my plan and exercised.

January 2013 marked my resolution to lose weight and start exercising. It is now April and I’m just now even walking outside. That’s a damn shame. I’m starting off with a simple plan of working out five days a week. So far, I’ve been running/walking and jump roping. It usually takes me about 30 minutes to finish. It’s not much, but it’s a good start. I’m starting to notice that it gets easier and easier and the time it takes me to run around my neighborhood gets shorter and shorter. Today, I couldn’t run as much. Not because I was tired, but because my legs were literally in pain. I had to stop and massage them. They felt rock hard, like a cramp was coming on. I could feel every muscle in my leg and, despite this possibly meaning I was getting a leg cramp, in a way, it kind of inspired me. I enjoyed my firm legs and muscles for a second.

I know it’s far to early to see results, but that seems like a little taste of it. I was so tired by the time I got back to my house. Sweat was dripping down my face. I barged through the front door and I was so out of breath, I could barely say “hello” to my mother who greeted me in the kitchen. I wanted to tell her “hello” and tell her that I was done exercising. Please tell me why, in my in- between being awake and almost fainting from loss of breath, did I almost let the words “I’m done masturbating” escape my mouth?

I’m done talking to my mom.


All of this working out has me thinking and dreaming again. There are quite a few new exercises that I want to learn. I thought I would share them with you today 🙂

1. Belly Dancing

I remember watching Shimmy on Fit TV after school and practicing my ass off. I would like to seriously take art up as a hobby.

2. Hoop Dancing

I actually already have a hula hoop for this. I had one specially customized by an Etsy seller by the name of SupaDupaHulaHoopa. She even put my name, Olivia Rochelle, on it in a font of my choosing. I would link her, but she no longer has a page any more which is a shame because she made absolutely gorgeous hoops. I was going to make my own hoop (You? Don’t make me laugh.), but I decided to buy her hoop because it was so pretty. I’ll make sure to take a picture of it next time! I practice every now and then, but I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m going to buy some Hoopnotica videos soon to teach me.

3. Burlesque Dancing

Not sure if this is really considered “exercise”, but whatever. I love it and I want to learn it. I’ve always admired Dita Von Teese and pin up girls and just being a tease in general. I’ve always had a dream of going to a burlesque school… but that probably will never happen…

4. Pole Dancing

I wanted to buy my own pole to practice, but, so far, I’ve noticed that poles are super fucking expensive TT____TT So I’m definitely going to attend some pole dancing classes one day.

I am also interested in Silks:

But I don’t think I will ever actually perform it. It just looks entirely way too hard and not as elegant/sexual to my liking.

All of this has got me thinking about the video I saw once of Lhouraii Li’s dance performance and I became instantly inspired. Lhouraii is definitely one of my most favorite gaijin gyaru. Most people argue if she even is gyaru, but that is the beauty of her. She is a style all of her own. No one could possibly copy her.




She also hosts the Gaijin Gyaru Awards. If you don’t know what that is, well, here is the showing of last years awards ^___^


They’re now holding a talent contest for the awards of of 2013 and I would love to apply, but I’m don’t think I’m that good at hoop dancing yet and I don’t even practice any of the other dances yet TT____TT Correction: I know I’m not that good.



2 thoughts on “No pain, no gain

  1. Ah we have the same weight loss ideas. I wish my pole would stay still, but I love bellydancing, it is so much fun. I’m still trying to learn how to hoop and burlesque dancing. Dancing is really some of the best cardio out there. It’s fun and generally never feels like exercise.

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