Gyaru Secrets and Fuck Yeah Western Gal

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There seems to be so much drama on Gyaru Secrets lately about how Fuck Yeah Western Gal, a Tumblr blog, only reblogs popular gyaru. Because of that, I was always weary of their Tumblr page, but, in a way, even if that secret were true, I could understand why someone would choose to only post popular, experienced gyaru compared to someone who doesn’t even know to properly apply eyelashes and just bought their first pair of Diamond Lashes yesterday. Well, they didn’t seek out my picture and post it themselves, but I did submit one of my pictures to them. It was the most boldest move any newbie gal could ever possibly do, but, to my surprise, they accepted my picture and I was so happy πŸ˜€ Of course, the picture received 0 notes (lol), but that’s no surprise. It was such a huge compliment to me to even be accepted. I wonder if this means that the secret about Fuck Yeah Western Gal is false or if they’re just intentionally trying to prove them wrong.

Of course, a few days later, the same picture I entered of myself was also the same picture that landed me my first secret admirer on Gyaru Secrets.

 photo 30k8vud_zps405986a2.jpg

I’m sure the poster meant it as an insult, but honestly I’m flattered that someone took 20 minutes out of their life to make such an elaborate, beautiful image collage just to sprawl out the words “ugly wannabe’s” in a barely legible pink font. The beautiful girls in the picture attract more attention than the words themself. Also, I find it such a compliment to even be on the same collage with Phillicia. I’m not even sure how such an experienced, obviously beautiful gal would even get on this image. In my opinion, I got off pretty easy for my first Gyaru Secrets post. It could have been much, much, much, much worse.

The one thing I do find sad about this though is the fact that I absolutely have no idea who the other girls are. I really need to meet more non-black gaijin gyaru and spread out from mainly posting in the Black Gyaru of the World Facebook group. I do post in other groups, but not as much.

Lately, I’ve been reading Gyaru Secrets more and more. When I didn’t practice gal, I would view it maybe once every 6 months or even once a year. But now that I do practice the make-up, I find myself reading it every week and that scares me. I didn’t know gyaru took this website so seriously. It’s even said that people tell others to “go commit suicide” on the site which angers me so much. Before, my image of Gyaru Secrets was just a joke, but, now that I’ve looked into it more, I’ve noticed so many secrets about gals that I grew up admiring and gyaru friends that I now have and I can’t even fathom why anyone would have so much hate for them.

I don’t understand why people take time our of their lives to break down new gals instead of giving them constructive criticism. I mean, obviously a new gal isn’t going to be perfect. Did you expect them to be?

If you don’t know what Gyaru Secrets is and you have no idea what this post is about then, good. Leave it that way πŸ™‚

Browsing Tumblr (A site I used to hate, but now love just to post random pictures), I came across a blog by the name of “Gaijin Gyaru Problems” and I got a bit of a laugh from them so I decided to repost the ones I can relate to.

 photo gaijingyaruproblems-whatmakeup_zpsda9c3e11.png

 photo gaijingyaruproblems-mirrorvscamera_zps85c67c56.png

 photo gaijingyaruproblems-heightgyaruproblems_zps6677c996.png

 photo gaijingyaruproblems-boobsandhips_zpsb0470eb7.jpg


6 thoughts on “Gyaru Secrets and Fuck Yeah Western Gal

  1. wtf forreal? this sparked my interest and i’m going to look this up on tumblr now. it’s pretty pathetic that some girls expect others to be pro at becoming gal/gyaru. when we are really learning what’s best in makeup, style, and ‘camera angles’ suit us best. i know some do some sort of photoshop as well to make it look good too. but hey, we are all learning and that should make someone say to ‘go kill yourself’ if you don’t look a certain ‘gal/gyaru’ look. jeez people…
    but thanks for sharing. i’m now aware there are pathetic creatures out there.

    • I know right. It’s probably best you didn’t know about it though. Now I feel bad for spreading knowledge about it, haha. It’s on Live Journal. It’s the very first thing that pops up when you search it on Google.

    • I know right. It’s probably best you didn’t know about it though. Now I feel bad for spreading knowledge about it, haha. It’s on Live Journal. It’s the very first thing that pops up when you search it on Google.

  2. Urgh gyaru secrets -.- I think the one you’re in is stupid, all the girls on it are gorgeous and your make up looks great. I think some of the people on there just want to find things to complain about. I have seen so many secrets where the girl has great hair, make up and a lovely outfit but they criticise things like their face shape or body shape that the girl cannot control herself. It makes me wonder if they would say the same thing about a Japanese girl in the exact same co-ordinate.

  3. it sucks that the community is based on some of this hatred towards each other and hate against newbies that are just starting. I’m glad to have some more experienced gals to help me focus on places that need work in my make and inspiring me to be better. And for the unconstructive criticisms from anon, why should i trust the judgement of a person with no face and no experience if they don’t have the guts put their real face out there. I just don’t even worry because in the end I shut off my lab top and go about my life without thinking about them because they’re not apart of REAL life and they aren’t important enough.

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