Purin’s hand warmers and the living doll community

 photo tumblr_miuurndqgk1qk8dqio1_400_zps4f18d0cf.png

When I first saw this picture of Purin, I fell in love and immediately wanted hand warmers just like that! I hate to be a copy cat, but it was just too cute to pass up >____< So I went to the ol’ trustful (Ebay) and snagged them for merely a $1. Yep, just 99 cents. So cheap, it almost seemed too good to be true, but it was true and they shipped super fast.

 photo 2013-03-142133031_zpse39a5677.jpg

 photo 2013-03-14213345_zps9a0ff45f.jpg

Of course, they aren’t as cute on me and my poses are all off, but I now have them and that’s all that matter >:]

Also, I’m starting to really become interested in the “living doll” community. It’s comprised of a group of girls who literally look like dolls.

 photo ValeriaLukyanova_zps53cd96e1.jpg

Valeria Lukyanova

 photo dakota_1_17n9tma-17n9tmd_zpse21e1222.jpg

Dakota Rose

 photo Living-dolls-Valeria-Lukyanova-Anastasiya-Shpagina11_zps187e910a.jpg

Valeria Lukyanova and Anastasiya Shpagina

 photo m225544996_zpsb0b7ffaa.jpg

Venus Angelic

My make-up is also really inspired by them. I love the bold looks some of them have. Here is a complete list of the dolls.

There are probably more of them, but I just don’t know about them yet. Now, when you look at that list, do you notice any girls of color? Are there any black living doll girls?

I always thought of Saiharii

 photo tumblr_mbv9xxl5B11r2saino1_500_zps409dcd40.jpg

And Barbara Kim as the living dolls of the black gyaru community.

 photo 96ku8sy57t9r2y5ekqz5_zpsc6b60033.jpeg

But, from my knowledge, they aren’t recognized at all in the living doll community. Maybe I just don’t know of it.

But, then again, it really turns me off how pale skin always seems to be the top priority when it comes to being a doll. Even on their Tumblr it states:

The doll skin mostly is pale, they don’t have fake tans nor use tanning device or solution. The paler the better.

Why must they always be porcelain dolls?

Here is my go at trying (and painfully trying, at that) to be a doll:

 photo 2013-03-14212209_zps192049a6.jpg

 photo 2013-03-142121541_zps61317095.jpg

I hope they accept Bratz dolls into their community.


7 thoughts on “Purin’s hand warmers and the living doll community

  1. I love your make up here πŸ™‚ I also love the “Living Doll” look. I think the look is actually very similar to Gyaru in terms of make up and hair.

  2. I Love Barbara, Anastasiya and Saiharii but I think what needs to be realized about Dakota and Valeria is that they photoshop to hell and back x’D and they have really bad attitudes. Well at least Valeria does idk about Dakota now. If you see what valeria looks like on tv, she looks nothing like in her pictures. I used to adore her so I was really heartbroken when I found out it was all fake. Doll culture is something I want to get more into. I think its really beautiful~

    • I actually don’t mind if they photoshop. I never expected anyone to naturally look like that. Now the bad attitudes, that’ another story. I can’t stand bad attitudes 😑

  3. Your make up is great! *o* I used to be a huge fan of kotakoti, but I heard that when she actually got to go to Japan on a TV show’s dime, she seemed really grumpy the whole time like the took it for granted… it may have been just because she was so worried about looking good on camera, but still… If someone flew me to Japan I would drown them in thank you’s and probably cry from joy. 😑 Her attitude kinda turned me off from her, like you said ;_;

    PS fun blog~!! πŸ˜€

    • Thank you so much πŸ™‚
      Yeah, I hear a lot of bad things about her. Maybe it’s because she goes to Japan all the time for modeling so it’s not a big deal to her. It’s just her job. And who’s happy about going to work? Haha.

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