26 month natural hair transition and third gyaru attempt

I finally took my box braids down after wearing them for almost 4 months.

Please remind me to never get braids again. It took me (and a little help from my mom) about 20 hours in total to take these damn braids down. And, to top it all off, quite a few of my strands were tangled so badly I had to cut them off. At about the 8th hour of unbraiding my hair, I got really frustrated I ended up cutting off way more of the braids then I needed to and cut off a lot of my natural hair in the process (just some of the braids in the back). So I’m about 30% all natural now ;n;

But, you know what, I wasn’t even sad because of it. I just wanted to hurry up and finish taking down those damn braids so I could enjoy my rare weekend off from work.

Glad that’s over with.

This is what my hair looked like as of now:

 photo 2013-03-01154209_526F672C_zps27a2d686.jpg

 photo 2013-02-28215718_526F672C_zpsa41d381c.jpg

 photo 2013-02-28215701_526F672C_zps2f859fa3.jpg

And my face was looking like a freak accident so I had to cover it up with the help of the bunny. Thank you bunny!

So, yes, you can clearly see that my hair is nappy as a mofo. Yes, I said nappy (Oh no she didn’t!). It’s pretty clear that I’m a mix of 4A (mainly in the back) and 4B (mainly in the front… It’s possibly even 4C) and I have a few 3C’s thrown in there (mainly around my ears). And, in my opinion, it’s really short considering how long I transitioned. The ugly, stringy ends are my leftover relaxed ends. These pictures are really crappy though so you can’t really see my curl pattern. I apologize for my crappy phone camera 😦

I tried styling it in the Brigitte Bardot style I posted in a previous post, but… Oh, what the hell. I didn’t try at all. I call this my I-just-want-to-hurry-up-and-get-this-shit-done-before-work style:

 photo 2013-03-01162433_zps2313b8a0.jpg

It’s just a little bun with a braided side swoop bang ^^
I wanted to incorporate a more elaborate headband, but I tried to keep it really simple for work.

 photo 2013-03-01165955_526F672C_zpsb8505af3.jpg

 photo 2013-03-01165842_526F672C_zpsac185a3f.jpg

 photo 2013-03-01170029_526F672C_zps0809c22e.jpg

 photo 2013-03-01170022_526F672C_zps87ad7a12.jpg

To most, this hairstyle may look like shit, but, to me, I’m so proud of myself. I’ve never been gifted when it came to styling hair so I have a lot to learn. This whole natural hair journey is a complete learning process for me and I’m enjoying every bit of it. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, my BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette and my top and bottom lashes came in the mail!!

 photo 2013-03-01162143_zps25f93a06.jpg

I received 40 bottom lashes and they came in 4 different styles:

 photo 2013-03-01162154_zps0bd86acd.jpg

 photo 2013-03-01162204_zpsbb92fd34.jpg

^ I decided to use these two lashes to make my bottom lashes. I didn’t think they were full enough to use just one, so I wanted to use two. I cut each lash into two sections before applying to make it easier, but boy was it still hard TT___TT

And I received 60 pairs of top lashes and they came in 6 different styles:

 photo 2013-03-01162300_zps36617259.jpg

 photo 2013-03-01162310_zps2d80c051.jpg

 photo 2013-03-01162322_zps37147abd.jpg

^ I used the top lashes to the left for my third gyaru attempt.

And here are the results:

 photo 2013-03-011727282_zps99455676.jpg

 photo 2013-03-011719371_526F672C_zps281a15bc.jpg

 photo 2013-03-01171926_526F672C_zps8eadd0be.jpg

I love them!! ^^
I still need a lot more practice though with everything: hairstyling, lashes, make-up, etc. And I’m upset my make-up didn’t really show on camera. I even used the primer for Christ’s sake.


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