Gal VIP magazine contest and recent buys

 photo 29031_606268269400120_1527171961_n_zps07069fc2.jpg

I’m so upset I didn’t get the chance to enter this contest.

It is like the contest for all gaijin gyaru wannabe’s to prove themselves and I blew it. And the beautiful Usagii Pyon graced the cover! Is it just me or are there a lot of black gaijin gyaru reppin’ it big time in the Gal VIP magazine?

 photo tumblr_mgfldb2D2j1qgx66do1_500_zps5befe928.jpg

I ordered a brand new make-up palette from BH Cosmetics (88 Shimmer Palette) just for this contest

 photo BHCosmetics_zpsf7f27d66.jpg

AND splurged on $15 foundation primer. Primer, people. Yes, primer. Who the hell in their right mind actually uses primer outside of make-up artists themselves? This better be fuckin’ worth it.

 photo 26_2_zpsb8434a97.jpg

I also ordered new circle lenses from Eye Candy’s: GEO Bambi Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (Why on earth are circle lense names so long?!). This was my first time ordering from Eye Candy’s so I hope it goes well. Before this, I only ordered lenses from Honey Color and Honey Color was great… but we needed some space.

 photo GeoBambiPrincessMimiSesameGrey_zpsa438fa71.jpg

New Eyelashes

 photo 40bottomlash_zps00d074b9.jpg

I want to splurge on Diamond Lash, but I did what every cheap person would do: I gave in and bought the 60 pairs of top lashes set and 40 pairs of bottom lashes set for less than $10. Yes, you read that right. I’m so proud of myself *wipes tears away*

 photo T2eC16hHJF0E9nmFTL6RBQsvmvtNg60_12_zpsffd0543b.jpg

I got some of those furry leg warmers you see Kuronba gals wear… Except mine aren’t D.I.A. brand or any brand at all… they aren’t as cool looking… and I ordered black, but they somehow gave me dark brown -_-

 photo KGrHqVHJCMEIwd7jBQSwovsM960_12_zps15c327bf.jpg

Another make-up paletter from Ebay. This time I bought brushes too.

 photo KGrHqEOKkEE3tI5yNBN9uwiYjQ0_3_zps7c118cbb.jpg

The cute tights on the right.

And- what I’m most excited about- I bought a new wig from Hime Castle! I can’t wait to try it on when it arrives in the mail. I’ve never ordered anything from Hime Castle and this wig was kind of a splurge for me (about $40 + s/h). I hope to do a review of it when it arrives ^__^

 photo hccurlywigsA75-1_zps77dea6eb.jpg

I’m just afraid that the main reason I may have bought it is not because the wig itself is so beautiful, but because the girl wearing it is so cute and it’s sending subliminal messages into my mind that I too will be just as cute when I wear it. The #1 business scheme and I fall for it every time, grr. This will be the lightest wig I currently own. I’m trying to play around with different colors and work myself up the color palette to wearing blonde wigs. You know you’re a fuckin’ bad ass black gaijin gyaru when you can wear blonde and wear it well.

 photo tumblr_mgcax4DI931r2saino1_500_zps0228ffd3.jpg

Like Saiharii! ❤


But none of these things came in the mail in time for the contest TT___TT

And I refuse to wear anything, but the best for a contest.

But, that’s ok because Gal VIP stated that from now on they will run contests for every magazine issue 😀


One thought on “Gal VIP magazine contest and recent buys

  1. Yep, we have some amazing black gals here at GAL VIP! 🙂 I’m in love with those tights/stockings/legwarmer things you bought. *_* Link please? Also, cheap Taiwanese lashes are made of much sterner stuff than Japanese brand lashes. XD Sad but true.

    BTW you can add you own chains etc. to fluffy legwarmers if you want! It’s really easy. 🙂

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