Inspirations and “The Big Trip”

 photo tumblr_mcq3gdeRll1qgzwf8o1_1280_zpsa90328be.jpg

So, I’m not going on the Savannah, GA trip with Dani.

Trip was canceled due to hotel reservations. I was a bit upset, but we’re still going to attend Dragon Con this year and I’m really excited about that because I plan on dressing full, balls swinging gyaru!

This has really got me thinking: I’ve been bit by the travel bug again.

It has also reminded me of my life long dream: to live out of a back pack. Buying gyaru items, in a way, makes me both sad and happy because, for one, I am living out my dream of being gyaru, but, two, I’m also killing my dream of being a nomad and living out of my backpack by spending countless amounts of money on petty shit solely meant for aesthetic pleasure. But that’s another story.

I want to go far, far away. I’ve been currently saving up $200 a month and I’m going to increase the amount to $500 a month once I buy my car because, right now, my car is taking up most of my savings money. I’ve been thinking of a great trip to go on. If my calculations are correct (Obviously they are correct; you used a calculation so don’t try to lie), if I save up $500 every month for 2 years, I should have about $12,000 saved up!! 😀

Knowing how much of a dreamer I am, that sent my mind racing thinking of “The Big Trip” ideas:

 photo japan-landscapes-cityscapes-streets-architecture-osaka-asia-hdr-photography-HD-Wallpapers_zps8df9fbf9.jpg

1. Attend a Japanese language school in Japan
So far, I’m really loving Genki JACS and Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin. More than likely, I’ll go with SGG because it is significantly cheaper and I’ve heard nothing but great things about it on a particular gyaru girls blog so I know it’s legit.

2. Go to Italy, France, Korea, and/or Japan through the WWOOF program
WOOFF is a program were you work on a farm in a country of your choosing and both housing and food are paid for by your host family. All you would have to do is pay for the plane ticket and the visa. I don’t particularly like farm work, but I’d do anything to travel inexpensively.

 photo manarola-italy-coast_21080_990x742_zps9c7ec786.jpg

3. Go on a romantic trip with Dani
I’m not sure where. Those Carnival cruises for the Cayman Islands and Jamaica look pretty nice.

4. Go to France with mom
It has always been a dream of mine to take my mom to France. She has said that is where she wants to all the time, and I will literally die inside if my mom ends of dying somehow before I get the chance to take her. She’s already 54 years old (my family tends to die young) so I feel that I should take her ASAP.

5. Become an Au Pair in France or Japan
“Au Pair” is basically were you care for someone else’s children in a foreign country in exchange for free housing and food. Au Pairs aren’t cheap to have so the houses you would stay in as an Au Pair are usually on the more expensive side and the host family even gives you weekly pocket money and takes you on extravagant family trips. The only problem is I’m not very good with kids -__-

 photo t3_3q_675x450_zps8c102e2a.jpg

6. Buy a DSLR camera
I have my heart set on the EOS Rebel T4i. I really want to start shooting professionally. I know it’s not the best, but it’s a start.

 photo alienware-m14x-r2-feature1_zpsceb995fc.jpg

7. Buy a new laptop
Preferably an Alienware laptop! I just hope it won’t be a waste of money…
That’s all I can think of for now, but I’m sure there will be more ideas. I’m really shooting for #1 though. I’d love to learn Japanese in Japan for two years and hopefully get a job or go to school in Japan while I’m there. I know #6 and #7 aren’t trips, but they both basically cost just as much as a trip and I want them really badly.


Anywho, while researching that, I was also looking for some inspiring pictures for my dying wardrobe. Ladies, I think I found my first style inspiration:

Heri, Grimoire Girl

 photo heri4_zpsb5348795.jpg

 photo heri2_zps9d19d951.jpg

 photo Heri_zps40f15977.jpg

Not Heri, but still inspiring

 photo tumblr_lhj3i130xy1qbg7ymo1_500_zps6397584e.jpg


King Boo (What the hell kind of nickname is King Boo?)

 photo tumblr_mgxuq3Yqfi1qdb3ggo1_500_zpsa5c45d35.jpg

 photo tumblr_mgl56szqcl1rwkjuho1_500_zps126a0b04.jpg

 photo tumblr_mgt1nzaYGc1qiy54wo1_500_zpsb674c231.jpg

And she’s not so much a style inspiration as I just simply love her face. I wish I had her face ;n; I don’t care if it’s all plastic.

Oh, and I take my braids down tomorrow ^_^
I’m going to attempt to do my hair like this:

 photo bb2_zps84f4b056.jpg

 photo IMG_2474_zpsbe9dc128.jpg

 photo IMG_2509_zps1c307eb7.jpg

Brigitte Bardot inspired. All I need are some clip on bangs.

Wish me luck ^__^


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