Alternative housing and my dream home

I went on a trip with my family a few years back.

It was a train ride on a very steep mountain somewhere in southern North Carolina.

I was not impressed by seeing the same tree over and over again, or seeing a vast pool of sparkling blue water below me.

 photo cherokeemountains019.jpg

 photo cherokeemountains005.jpg

 photo cherokeemountains030.jpg

What impressed me was this:

 photo cherokeemountains020.jpg

A whole community of “houses” sitting quietly and unbothered in the middle of a large lake. I had never seen anything like this before. “Houses should be firmly planted into the Earth, have at least 3 useable rooms, and must be at least 2000 square feet”, society would say.

I say fuck society.

Ever since I laid my eyes upon that house and took its picture, I’ve been obsessed with alternative housing. “I want to live peacefully and unbothered in my own personal haven,” I thought. So I searched and searched for creative housing options and I stumbled upon many different variations:


Tree Houses

 photo yAKw5_zps36e285d4.jpg

 photo 55wWQ_zpsfc96e104.jpg


Shipping container homes made out of shipping storage bins that you see on the back of trains

 photo 6bV5V_zps2eb3cd4b.jpg


Hobbit Dwellings

 photo woodland-home-inside_zps21002b09.png

 photo images_zpsd0d19ead.jpg


And even more floating houses… but better

 photo modern-floating-house-water-house2_zps215c3f72.jpg

 photo dream_home_1_zpse8aeda78.jpg


But the one I love most is a simple thing called a Tiny House.

 photo tumblr_m8mzixzjfc1qc3h9no1_500_zps4f20d65d.jpg

Yes, I dream of joining the Tiny House movement.

This “movement” has basically been going on for years unknowingly in countries like Japan and China and third world countries where it’s considered the norm for families of up to five people to live together in a small environment and in inner cities disguising itself by the name of “apartments”, but the rent was always exceedingly high for such a small space and people always thought of it as being temporary housing until they could afford a “real house”. Then Americans, knowing how obsessed we are tiny things (tiny phones, tiny pets, etc) caught on to the idea and turned what one under developed country thought of as a sign of poverty into something ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ with upgraded eco-friendly technology. We thou then said it is ‘good’ and we thou named it “Tiny House” and made it a movement.

Most of the tiny homes I’ve viewed have really nice interior designs:

 photo protohaus-interior-2_zps94710beb.gif

 photo cozy-tiny-house-for-rent-8_zpse3f6d488.jpg

 photo contemporary-kitchen1_zpsfe2d768d.jpg

 photo 5516109854_6f0dc9592b_zps0d78456f.jpg

 photo tiny-house-inside_zpsab3d507e.jpg


One of my favorite designs so far are Gypsy Caravans:

 photo wd75_zps3878113d.jpg

 photo mosaic6703121_zps75a571fd.jpg

 photo EclecticGipsylandonFlickrGypsyCaravanInterior5_zpsb20d85ef.jpg

 photo EclecticGipsylandonFlickrGypsyCaravanInterior2_zps3173a81f.jpg

 photo 6a00e5538c318888340133ec48f945970b_zpsa42fd77d.jpg

 photo 6a00e5538c318888340133ec48f945970b_zpsa42fd77d.jpg

Notice how the Gypsy Caravan basically encompasses all the Eastern European prints and patterns associated with Dolly Kei. It is absolute perfection.

So, yes, this is my dream home. I’m not afraid to live in much less space than I need. I currently live in a 4 bedroom house with a kitchen, living room, dining room, and some extra room that no one knows what the fuck is used for. My family and I only use 3 of the bedrooms and we’ve never once used the dining room or that extra room that no one knows what the fuck is used for. Before my brother moved back into the house, my parents used one bedroom and I basically had the 3 other bedrooms to myself which I switched around to one or the other depending on my mood for the night. Oh, and my dog, Poopie, has a whole room to himself… and he’s only a chihuahua.

This is ridiculous.

Tiny homes are (most of the time, unless you choose for them not to be) mobile, meaning they have wheels and you don’t have to live in one spot. It’s also more friendly for the environment and the tiny living space basically forces you to be grateful for what you have and completely utilize your space, and it makes interior decorating and cleaning easier since you only have such a small space to work with. The only problem with tiny homes is getting through the zoning laws finding a place where they are legal and the cost of buying land on which to place your tiny home.

The best part is since tiny homes are legally recognized as mere sheds, then there are no mortgage payments 😀

I only worry about how to completely indulge in this lifestyle once (and if) I have kids one day, but many tiny home owners have accomplished the task of living perfectly within a tiny home with children so it can be done. Dani is, of course, completely against this, but oh well.

As a young adult with no children, buying a tiny house sure beats buying an apartment in my book.

^ This guy is a boss. He basically did the exact same thing I wanted to do which is to buy a simple shed from Lowe’s or Home Depot and DIY the shit out of it to make it into a beautiful home.

Tiny home tour:


I love what she did with the shower!


One of these days, one of these days. All I can do is wait and save now, but I will own my dream home one day.


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