Valentine’s Day

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I’m a day late, but whatever. We all know February 15th is the real Valentine’s Day anyway. Time to hit up those 50% off chocolate sale left overs from all those dumb asses who spent $50+ on the exact same thing just to please their crazy lover who’s going to break up with them next month anyway.


Me and V-day don’t get along.

Not surprisingly, I didn’t do anything special on V-day. It was just a normal day for me. My job on the other hand held a special V-day event filled with parties and all kinds of chocolates. They did a special Italian food theme, played romantic music, and that’s when the big whammy presented itself- they popped out the Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice!! Every table was specially decorated and we poured them a glass of “wine” (juice) and toasted in celebration. All the residents turned their noses up at the “wine” and said they would prefer real wine so I took the opportunity to get on my knees and beg my job to give me a bottle of the juice that they didn’t use. And they did. So I’m happy ^__^ Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice is by far my favorite beverage of choice of all time.

 photo 0004180071600_500X500_zps6e896e55.jpg

Side note: If you’re reading this and you have a loved one in a nursing home or an assisted living facility, please stop giving them candy on V-day. I can’t count how many times a resident shoved chocolates in my face in a desperate attempt to get rid of them. As CNA’s, we are not supposed to accept gifts from residents, but it’s really hard not to when they basically throw it at you. I told one resident “no” like 5 times, but she still insisted I take some of her candy. Another resident, pretended to give me a V-day present saying she bought it especially for me because “I’m such a nice person”, but I could clearly tell it wasn’t for me. There was a “From” and “To” note written on the side of the bag: “To: Grandma, From: Apume”. I don’t know who the hell Apume is, but thank you.
Dani and I did nothing special. We didn’t even get to see each other on V-day. Every boyfriend I have ever had has always been one of those edgy “Oh, we don’t celebrate over priced consumerism day” type people, but that isn’t too much of a surprise because I’m pretty much the same way. Don’t get it twisted. This in no way means we don’t buy each other gifts. It just means we choose not to spend more than $5 on a simple box of candy. If I spend more than $5 on a box of candy, it better clean the house, cook dinner, and eat my pussy out before bed time.

I think the main reason why I have such a sour taste for V-day is because I’ve had such a negative history with the “holiday”. My first boyfriend, Raul, basically broke up with me on V-day and gave me back the V-day gifts I gave him then walked away with the girl he cheated on me with. My second boyfriend, Morris, at least attempted to celebrate V-day and I give him credit for that, but it was a very poor attempt. He gave me a large Hershey’s chocolate bar and some heat pads, and he gave them to me like two weeks earlier because he apparently forgot when V-day was. My third boyfriend, Dani (the guy I am currently dating), we both just decided save ourselves the drama and not celebrate it. Simple as that. Plus, it’s so close to Christmas and Dani’s birthday. If I keep spending all this money, I’ll never save up enough for a car.

Dani’s birthday was on February 1st so, after almost 3 months of not seeing each other, we finally got the chance to meet up on the 4th-6th of February. It was heaven. Since we rarely see each other, it was basically a Christmas/birthday gift exchange.

I gave him:

the Nintendo 3DS XL with some games:


He gave me the Nintendo 3DS for my birthday last year so I just wanted to return the favor… but better! Haha. I especially appreciated him buying me the 3DS when it first came out because a few years ago a “friend” sold my Nintendo DS after I let him borrow it because I rejected his kiss and wouldn’t go out with him. Years after, Dani bought me the 3DS upgrade so in your face douche.

and the Stoya Destroya fleshlight.


He ended up using this (when I wasn’t around to watch, unfortunately) and the all around consensus seems to be “It’s better than using your hand, but not better than a real vagina.” *phew* Thank God. I didn’t want any competition from a toy.

He gave me a Brookestone I-Need Soothing Foot Massager


This thing is godsend on those days at work were my foot just can’t stand it anymore. I’m on my feet basically for 8 hours straight. It has two “high” and “low” settings, and three different massaging setting that will send you into nirvana. It actually really feels uncomfortable at first and it tickles, but after a minute or two, you get used to it and it feels great! 🙂

and a Xbox 360.


I’ve always wanted one of these so badly, but never got around to buying one!! I’m so happy to receive such a great gift ^_^ Now I can kick ass on Halo and all those shoot-em-up combat games. I can’t wait to put it to good use! Dani even said he’s going to pay for me to have a connection while playing online games. I feel bad having him pay for that seeing as he’s already paying for us both to use Hulu Plus and Netflix, so I’ll probably just pay for it myself. Daniel is too sweet.

I don’t really have anything else to share about V-day, so here’s some V-day nail art I love and some lovey dovey Youtube videos that make me cry from happiness because I’m random like that:

 photo vintage-rose-nail-art-2_did_my_nails_zpsa060c87c.jpg

 photo valentinesdaynailart2_12_thumb_zpsd1145789.jpg

 photo tumblr_mi0gukQaqv1rks2xxo1_500_zps48c0f735.jpg

 photo tumblr_<a href= photo floralnails_zps511eb8e5.jpg

 photo Cupcake-Nails-Pictures_zps3ef58457.jpg

 photo 5123d55d31107c415ef28f389aa04ff8df7ecd67_zpsaebe55df.jpg

 photo peek-a-boo_hearts_nail_art_Zoya_GeiGei_252C_Jacqueline_252C_Elisa_large_zps17bb9735.jpg

 photo 470_22360590_zpsc8d7b180.jpg

 photo kjlm_zps58b17213.jpg

 photo nailcollage_zps446a9f75.jpg

I wish I could do nail art. My job would never let me do anything like that 😦

Everyone has probably already seen these videos, but I don’t care. They deserved to be watched again and again. The last video made me cry for the first time in my life out of happiness. Not sadness. Happiness. That means a lot to me and I never thought it would happen.


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

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  2. Glad you had a good visit with your boyfriend. I have negative fews with V day also. I worked at a nursing home for four years during boarding high school so i know how it is. 😀

    • Thank you ^__^
      You seem to have such an interesting life. I’ve actually always dreamed of being in a boarding school (I blame it on watching so many English films about boarding school), but I’m sure it’s not as glamorous and the movies made it out to be. I’ve been trying to comment on your blog, but it won’t let me for some odd reason! >__< Grr, I hate how it's so hard for people to communicate when they both use different blogging websites (Blogger and WordPress).

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