Natural hair in the black gyaru community and hair dye

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I’ve had my box braids in for 3 months so far and I’m desperately trying to stretch it to 3 1/2 until I get my next pay check so I can afford to get more braids when I take these out.

I hope to take the braids out soon and hopefully let my hair breath for a week or two. I say “hope” because, honestly, I have no idea what this mess will look like when I take the braids out. It just about scared me to death with its volume when I took my previous braids out after wearing them for 3 months, so I can only imagine what my hair will look like now after three more months. I’ve been taking MSM and multi-vitamins, and I ran out of Biotin. I am now 25 months into my natural hair transition and I’m both excited and scared *___*

 photo tumblr_mf8nxlRRdm1rdj7mro1_500_zpseabf526b.jpg

I just hope that when I take these braids out, my hair won’t fall out. I’ve heard so many horror stories about braids ripping out your edges, but so far my edges seem fine. I would also like to incorporate my natural hair into my gyaru look. I can easily imagine putting some bows or flowers into my big, naturally curly hair and rockin’ that shit like no tomorrow. Yes, I’m really pushing the limit here. All the Gyaru Secrets bitches will go crazy. Side note: Fried hair? Really? If I was that poor girl I’d just laugh at their stupidity. The “poor girl” is this cute little black gaijin gyaru who goes by the name of Naija Barbie:

 photo images_zps3e5bbe10.jpg

I really admire black gaijin gyaru who wear their natural hair texture proudly. I wish more black gyaru’s wore their natural hair texture proudly. Another beautiful black gyaru who I notice occasionally fiercely strutting their natural hair texture is Philicia or “Glee“:

 photo fro_zps1b8afaab.jpg

When I take my braids down or whenever I big chop (I planned to do it in April, but I’m not sure), I’d like to dye my hair for the first time. I want a complete and total change.

Here are some options I were considering:

Shea Moisture

 photo SM_zps8cf26abb.jpg

Shea Moisture just released a new hair dye product line!! I absolutely love their other hair care products so I figure I will love their hair dye too. This is the only good review I could find of it and the results don’t seem too great in my opinion. The color doesn’t seem to really show, but, still, I love how soft her hair looks after the process. I might give it a try. Not sure which color to try though.


 photo allgirls_zps208ad319.jpg

Just about every weaboo and gyaru wannabe wants to try Palty. I love the beautiful hair color options ^___^ Most reviews are done by Asian and caucasian girls and the results are always lovely…

… but I always wondered how Palty would look on natural African American hair. I could never find a review of it or find out if it’s even safe to use on our hair texture, but just today, after months and months of searching, I finally found ONE review of Palty from one brave African American girl willing to try it! Her hair is relaxed though *sigh* But, oh well, close enough I suppose. She even reviewed the color I wanted to use (Milk Tea Brown), but, once again, the color doesn’t really seem to show.

 photo 51Zjl5yCJqL_SY450__zps67380755.jpg
^ Milk Tea Brown


Henna is a much, much longer and unpredictable process than using a regular hair dye. However, henna is completely natural and doesn’t damage your hair in any way (so I’ve been told). The results of henna are usually very faint color and it’s main color, if not only, is red. You wont see anyone come out with platinum blonde color from using henna. You get different results depending on the heat application and what ingredients you used along with your henna powder. I’m attracted to henna because of its natural qualities.

Some henna results:

 photo DSCN0614_zps85113970.jpg

 photo henna10_zps2af8e214.jpg

Their hair was most likely already dyed or naturally light though so that’s why the color results are so drastic.


I wish I could dye my hair cool, cray colors like this, but, unfortunately, I signed my life away to a job so I have to do whatever they approve of. I don’t plan on being jobless for the rest of my life.

 photo gyaru_purplejpgscaled500_thumb_zps15b0f35c.jpg


5 thoughts on “Natural hair in the black gyaru community and hair dye

  1. Interesting! I’m also natural šŸ™‚
    I didn’t know that shea moisture made hair dyes :O That’s pretty cool ^-^
    And for the palty hair dye, I believe it works best when you have pre-lightened or pre-dyed/bleached hair ^-^ Like the girl in the video you linked. Though palty is nice because on the back of the box it shows you what types of results you’ll get based on the color that you start with :DD Its so convenient! šŸ˜€
    btw, The only downside to using henn on your hair is that, if you use henna to color your hair, you won’t be able to dye your hair any other color again. Henna fills in the “pores” in each strand of hair so, your hair can’t absorb color anymore after henna.
    So its super permanent. I know I wouldn’t be able to handle that, because I like change too much lol :DD

      • No problem ^-^ I’ve been thinking of similar things recently xD I’ve had my natural hair color for all of my life, and I’ve had my natural hair texture for like 5/6 years now, So I’d really like to something fun with my hair (but of course after I finish my grow out challenge :D)

      • Grow out challenge? That’s awesome šŸ˜€ I should do one of those. Yeah, I probably won’t color my hair until some time next month. I want to do A LOT of research first.

  2. Well if you do the bc it can feel very strange not having hair on your head, but wigs are a good way to help with the transition. If you’re hair is not rocked the right way or looks like it’s dry, not well cared for or style sloppily, it can lead to a lot of troubles. Especially in the gal comm when natural hair is not thought in the same way a black woman would think of it. As long as you don’t wear box braids too often you should be okay as well. Try wearing cornrows for awhile. That’s what I typically do when I don’t really feel like styling my own, plus with my undercut and this cold…it can be a tad too chilly lol. As far as dying goes. You def want to stay away from anything that may require bleaching. It’ll change your hair texture and curl pattern. Though that may leave you with some limited options. I know Manic Panic is vegan hair dye and while you probably wouldn’t get the bright colors without bleaching, It’ll still give you a nice color I’m sure. Really looking forward to seeing your hair journey :3.

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