Store highlights

I decided to look up a few stores that may hold Dolly kei/Cult Party Kei/Mori clothing and this is what I found… so far. Looking at the interior decoration of these shops and their websites, I have realized that this is the style for me. I love Grimm fairy tales, poorly lighted rooms, and all things morbid. The stores have such a fairy tale feel to them- so much character and pizazz! I am totally jumping at the chance to go to Shibuya one of these days and soon! So, who’s coming?!



 photo RosyBaroque_zpsb7ef3636.jpg

 photo RosyBaroque3_zpscef00b58.jpg

 photo RosyBaroque2_zpsa5576ffe.jpg



At first, I thought it was a men’s clothing store because of its name. Boy was I wrong.

 photo Meno_zpsd4a1437f.jpg

 photo Meno3_zps6fd7ad44.jpg

 photo Meno2_zps431109f6.jpg



 photo IncompleteAlchemist_zps42e3b9cc.jpg

I would literally drop kick a baby for this bag.



 photo ElectricAlice_zps1f8c0ea4.jpg

 photo ElectricAlice2_zpsd3db7bac.jpg



This is a big obvious duh. Is there anyone who is interested in gyaru who hasn’t heard of Liz Lisa? This store is haven for Hime-gyaru’s and Hime-kaji’s, and even Mori-gyaru. I love how they incorporate lace into their dresses, but I don’t love their price. I’m sooooooooooooooo (I don’t think I can put anymore emphasis on “so”) mad at myself for missing their 70% off sale. Seriously. I just found out about it yesterday, went to their website, and just about every item is “out of stock”. Even scarves are out of stock. Ugh.

 photo 122-6114-0_main_zpsbd108065.jpg

 photo 122-6083-0_main_zpsce88d820.jpg


Favorite One is a store on Rakuten aka heaven for weaboos. Their whole store basically caters perfectly to the entire Mori Girl style.

 photo 3214-5_zps28a24a28.jpg

 photo 8998-1_zps4c71d59c.jpg


Grimoire is basically the dolly kei headquarters.

 photo Grimoire-shop_zpsfd958e28.jpg

 photo Grimoire3_zps2ed086f8.jpg

 photo Grimoire2_zps740ed5a8.jpg

 photo Grimoire_zps534d5892.jpg

If their store didn’t creep you out enough, you should visit their website o.o

Sadly, when I visited the website of most of these stores, it doesn’t seem that they have any clothes in stock at the moment. Either that, or it’s just ridiculously expensive. But I expected that.


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