Japanese substyles I love

 photo tumblr_lksn0mqhso1qfypldo1_500_zpsb2f61cef.jpg

**Very picture heavy**

I’ve been doing a lot of research on gyaru substyles and Japanese fashion substyles in general.

Amekaji, Rokku, Ora Ora, Manba, B-Gal, Haady, Hime-Gyaru– my head literally almost spun off from all the information. Most of these I had already knew about from my years of being interested in gyaru as a teen, but some were new to me.

There are so many substyles so, obviously, I’m not going to write about all of them. If you’re interested in learning more about them, I’ll direct you to Google. For this post, I will only focus on substyles that interest me. Some are related to gyaru, some are not.

But, somehow, I will find a way to incorporate them all simultaneously and seperately into my own personal style 🙂

Suddenly there’s a unanimous murmur of “Whaa, she’s insane!”

And I nod my head and bow in agreement.

So, let’s begin!

Mori Girl/Mori Gyaru

Mori girl is a Japanese street fashion that looks woodsy and natural. A mori girl dresses in earthy colors and loose dresses and layers. She enjoys wearing vintage and handmade pieces that make her look like she lives in a forest, hence the name– “mori” means “forest” in Japanese.

– Moss Garden Blog

 photo MoriGirl4_zps7c6f04ba.jpg

 photo MoriGirl2_zpsfb325a48.jpg

 photo MoriGirl_zps41b2a21c.jpg

 photo morigyarucabelo2_zpscf3e55cc.jpg

 photo mori1_zpsa6c3899a.jpg

 photo f419-3_zps171a6aaf.jpg

 photo MoriGirl3_zps31523b59.jpg

 photo MoriGyaru_zpsd0d1141c.jpg

^ I see this picture a lot posing as Hime-kaji, but I’m going to go ahead and put it in the Mori Gyaru category because of its use of fur and darker colors.

Dolly Kei

Dolly Kei is a japanese fashion inspired by vintage and antique dolls, vintage and antique clothing, Grimm’s fairytales, the victorian era, gypsies, romance, goth, and very old clothing styles from eastern Europe. I would say you can even see bits of rococo and Alice influences in it. While there isn’t set list of Dolly Kei “rules”, the look is charactorized by layering and volume (think “more is more”), patterns, mixing of textures, fur, embroidery, tapestry, lace, flowers and accessories which tend to be on the large and creepy side. It’s not umcommon to see Dolly outfits accessorized with large crosses and other religious relics, vintage toys, or even bones and doll parts. So far as colour-palate is concerned, there’s seems to be two schools: light and airy whites and pastels (akin to mori girl and cult party), and deep dark jewel-tones and black. The over-all look is unusual, very striking, creepy, cute, and hauntingly lovely.

– Strange Girl Blog

 photo tumblr_m4lt7bqSRT1qhs3nso1_500_zps7846a64b.png

^ I would literally kill for her bag TT_____TT

 photo DollyKei7_zpsdf53db5f.jpg

 photo DollyKei6_zps701a6605.jpg

 photo DollyKei4_zps0f45f42e.jpg

 photo DollyKei3_zps0040dd06.jpg

 photo CPK8_zps8cf89719.jpg

I’m also thinking of trying to incorporate patterns from India and Africa into the substyle instead of relying solely on patterns from Eastern Europe.

Cult Party Kei

Just as Dolly Kei, Cult Party Kei also uses vintage inspired clothes, lots of lace, and layering. The two styles are very similar. However, more pastels are usually used and the clothes are much lighter in Cult Party Kei.

 photo CultPartyKei3_zps34d583c6.jpg

 photo CultPartyKei_zps178ff148.jpg

 photo CPK9_zps477d6742.png

 photo CPK7_zpsa3f9a152.jpg

 photo CPK6_zps6c5a14bf.jpg

 photo CPK4_zpscf3a16c8.jpg

 photo CPK3_zps7e42b0d7.jpg

Notice their emphasis on braids. How cute ❤

 photo CPK5_zps9ad67b4f.jpg

 photo CultPartyKei2_zpsbb25e26a.jpg


Hime-kaji is basically a watered down version of Hime-gyaru which is really weird that I love this style because I absolutely and utterly hate the Hime-Gyaru look!! Ugh, I just can’t get over their hair. Too poofy for my taste. I am going natural with my hair and will have a big afro, but somehow this:

 photo frohawk2_zps05faa894.jpg

Looks better than this to me:

 photo Hime-Gyaru-Shibuya-2012-06-24-DSC5454_zpsc82262ec.jpg


And this is the lovely, toned down Hime-Kaji:

 photo HimeKaji3_zps1a201b0f.jpg

 photo Himekaji2_zpsb9ca8fd9.jpg

 photo Himekaji_zps68d49493.jpg

 photo 131-6011-0_main_zps2bb1d3ac.jpg

Very similar to Mori Gyaru, but I’m going to say the main difference is its use of lighter colors and not using earthy themed accessories like fur.

 photo kurogal_zps9bd36a61.jpg

 photo kurogal2_zpse5fcc17a.jpg

I don’t particularly like the Kurogal style as a whole, but I will admit that I do love the bottom portion that usually comes along with their style. I am obsessed with those furry leg warmers and their use of shorts, tights, and over the knee boots.

 photo LooseSocks_zps2a0eb7cd.jpg

I also have an obsession for loose socks. I don’t care if they aren’t in style anymore. I will still wear them with pride.

I hope to DIY some loose socks and some faux fur leg warmers one day to make them fit the styles above. So instead of the usual chains and crosses that Kurogal fur leg warmers have, I might instead use lace or something earthy ^__^

I could also probably incorporate some cute classic lolita dresses in there somewhere too.
 photo ClassicLolita2_zps2047058b.jpg

So what have we learned?

I am a completely confused individual ;n;

No. Well, yes, but also that I am a complete sucker for anything involving lace. I love lace. After reading my blog, people would probably assume I would be into AV Gal or Kurogal or anything that shows a lot of skin which I am sometimes, but I mainly just love comfortable clothes.

Hime-Kaji is very similar to Mori Gyaru, Dolly Kei is very similar to Cult Party Kei. Kind of confusing, but a good thing about it is that because of this, you can find clothes for most of these styles at the same stores and mix and match them to sort one or the other easily ^___^

 photo tumblr_mfo3qyv0WC1qco3d1o1_1280_zps6438b86e.jpg

Let’s see how this will turn out. I don’t want to buy any clothes yet until I become more educated about the style.


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