My first sex toy

Well, actually this is my second sex toy.

I bought my first sex toy when I turned 18 years old. It was a vibrator. I didn’t particularly want one, but I felt it was necessary for a coming of age ritual. I went to a sex shop for the first time in my life with a friend and it was so awkward, but also surprisingly funny. I didn’t think sex shops would be more funny rather than sexual. I bought the cheapest vibrator I could find- an extremely small $10 vibrator shaped and colored like a white man’s dick.

I only used it about 2 times before I cursed it. It just didn’t feel right to me and I didn’t like it. More-so, I didn’t like having to hide it all the time from my family and my roommates. So, when the time came, I wrapped it in paper and threw it as hard as I could into Lake Baldwin, a lake on my college campus. Some fish is sucking on it right now.

I couldn’t just throw it away like a normal person. That would be too predictable.

That was the last I’d seen of that curse and I figured it would be my last sex toy, but, I ended up buying a new one when I started webcam modeling because I figured it would come in handy. It did. I put it to better use for my shows than my first sex toy. It’s also a vibrator and, yes, it’s also small and cheap. Except this one isn’t a white mans dick. It’s purple. I think my sex toy choices say a lot about me.

 photo 2013-01-26210604_zps2c8a81dd.jpg

TADA! Presenting the Wanachi Mini! It’s not a Hitachi because I’m too broke for that shit. I call it the unwanted cousin of Hitachi. See how tiny it is. It’s embarrassing. When I did shows as a cam model, I desperately tried to do a contest and the winner would get to name my Wanachi, but who in their right mind would want their name on this little thing? Haha, all my clients screamed “nooooooooo” and my little Wanachi became a mere joke.

 photo 2013-01-26210953_zps849daba6.jpg

When I bought this one, I noticed they had options to buy all kinds of different vibrators and sex toys. They have realistic dildo’s that actually squirt when they “came”, glass dildo’s, limp dildo’s simply meant for gags- so many different kinds. I didn’t even know there were so many different kinds of sex toys. I wanted a realistic one with a suction cup, but I figured I should buy whatever is cheap because I knew I would get bored of it fast.

Good decision. I only used this one like 5 times before banishing it like my first one. I didn’t murder this one like my first one though. This one did me at least a little good so I gave him the benefit of being banished from my sight and locked away in a storage bin forever.

 photo 2013-01-26210521_zpsf6a28ad2.jpg

R.I.P. Wanachi


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