Dani’s birthday and his present


Today is the love of my life’s 25th birthday and I’m so happy for him 🙂

But I’m also sad because I’m not there to celebrate it with him.

Because my boyfriend and I live a bit far away from each other, we rarely get to see each other due to transportation issues and money. We’re basically in a long distance relationship and we’re practically celebate. We only see each other once every 2 months, so that means we only have sex a few times every 2 months TT____TT

I’ll get to see him on Monday though so I’m not too, too sad about it ❤  He’s moved into a new house now and I’ll have two days off of work so I’m crashing at his place and cuddling with him until the very last second until I have to go to work again! He is such a good man to me. Despite not being able to see other for months, he still stays faithful to me and that’s extremely odd considering the guys I’ve met in the past who couldn’t stay faithful to me for even a month, haha.

He deserves something special. I already told him what his present is so I don’t mind writing about it (Yes, my BF reads my blog):

I got him the STOYA DESTROYA FLESHLIGHT!!! For those lonely nights when we can’t see each other. For those who don’t know what a fleshlight is, it’s basically a pocket vagina with different textures. They come in butt, mouth, and vagina textures. I didn’t know what it was until I worked as a webcam model and a guy recommended it to me.

I am more than excited to test this baby out on him. I’ve heard so many good reviews about it. Some guys even said it feels better than a real vagina. This worries me a bit… I don’t want it to feel better than my vagina. Then he won’t want to have sex with me anymore ;n;

I did a lot of research to see which fleshlight texture feels best and I think the “Destroya” is the winner. “Stoya” is the name of the porn star who they molded the labia after. I’ve never even heard of Stoya (not that I know much about porn stars anyway), but apparently, like most porn stars, her acting sucks. I wanted to get to know the girl whose vagina mold my guy will be fucking so I looked some videos up of her and she’s actually pretty cool.


I was surprised by how soft it is despite how scary the inside texture of it looks. People even describe the texture as having “fangs”. Ouch, who would want fangs on their dick? Unfortunately, I don’t have a penis so I resorted to using my fingers. A finger can only go down so deep into a fleshlight though so I didn’t get to feel it to its full potential. The Destroya is a maze of all kinds of different textures- bumps, “fangs”, ridges- inside an ultra tight sleeve and they all feel soft and spongey sending a man into a full blown orgasm after only 5 minutes of use.

Am I the only one who cringed when he stretched the “vagina” out to its full potential?

I can’t wait for the Destroya to destroy my man 😀


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