Photo editing in the gyaru community

 photo initpintu_526F672C_zps991de457.jpg

It seems as if everywhere I turn someone is editing their pics.

Am I the only one who doesn’t know how to use Photoshop? I feel so behind.

I was playing around on the Black Gyaru of the World Facebook group yesterday and asked around for some good, easy photo editing programs and most of them basically screamed “Xiu Xiu Meitu” while the others agreed.

So like any good wannabe gyaru, I checked it out.

At first I thought, “What the fuck is Xiu Xiu Meitu and what are these bitches smokin’?”

Turns out, they were smokin’ that good shit because Xiu Xiu Meitu is the bomb shitake diggity (I make up words sometimes…)!! And she had the nerve to say was lame…

It annoyed me when I found out I have to download it and it annoyed me even more to find out it’s all written in Chinese (at least, I think it’s Chinese), but all the frustration was so worth it. It’s easy to understand even if you don’t speak the language. You can shave off a few pounds on your face/body, add blush and lashes, change your eye color, make collages, add borders– everything! This thing is literally a gift from the heavens.

I’ll be honest and say that, before Meitu, I did edit the lighting in most of my pics when I bought my first circle lenses using the “warmly” tool on Picasa, but, now, fuck Picasa. Meitu is all I need. However, despite how great Meitu is, it’s also scary. It’s scary to know that you can edit a photo so much to the point were you don’t even recognize yourself. I will be using this program very sparingly and, when I do, I’ll most likely just edit the lighting. I want to be pretty, but I still want to be me! And by “me” I mean me with a shit ton of make-up on, fake lashes, a wig, and circle lenses 😀

2013-01-26201452_zps8e7f0828 photo 2013-01-26201452_zps8e7f0828-1_zpsa268786a.jpg

Completely unedited. Didn’t even add the “warmly” tool or change the lighting.

 photo 2013-01-26201452_526F672C_zps3b220c6c.jpg

See what I mean by scary? O___O

I made my chin into the signature Korean V-line, enlarged my eyes, added eyelashes, blush, dyed my hair, added acrylic nails, added so much fucking lighting you’d think I was standing right in front of the sun, and I was about to fix my eyebrows until I stopped and realized what a monster I had already created.


2 thoughts on “Photo editing in the gyaru community

  1. Oh I love 美图秀秀(Meitu Xiu Xiu) xD I saw my friend using it in class last year (she’s chinese and she shows me a whole bunch of cool chinese stuff lol) I mean I take chinese at school so It wasn’t that hard to download and figure out how to use, Though I only really like it for its variety of filters and all the fun text and collages that you can make on there :3 I agree that it does get kinda scary when people start changing their face shapes and whatnot >.<

  2. Thank you so much for finding this. It seems as though every gyaru edits their pics and I did not want to pay for photoshop! Haha the really scary thing is some girls I see on tumblr genuinely edit their pictures past point you have here and think it looks better.

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