Kawaii International


I watched Kawaii International for the first time a few days ago!

It was almost scary how excited I was about it. The true weaboo inside me shined bright that day and I was afraid I would fly away. I watched it on NHK World TV which basically broadcasts Japanese shows in English to English speaking viewers. I feel so late watching it ;n; It was the 8th episode so it has been broadcasting for a while now. Well, it’s better late than never I suppose.

This particular episode was about Yunkoro, a “gyaru leader”, and U kimura, a “DIY Master” (her name makes me so hungry @___@ Reminds me of tempura) competing with each to design the perfect outfit in Vietnam that incorporated both pop Japanese fashion and Vietnamese fashion. To their surprise, apparently Vietnamese people don’t really care much for fashion or standing out from the crowd.



She is so pretty and she even did a make-up tutorial for the video! I couldn’t find the actual video, but here is a video extremely similar to it if not the same one:

I so badly wanted to whip out my amateur make-up kit and copy her XD

U Kimura


U was the spitting image of cuteness. I really enjoyed her bubbly, positive attitude ❤

Yunkoro was sick on the first day of the challenge, but she braved it out throughout the rest of the challenge and I admire her for that. While, on the other hand, I admire U for her insane creativity and hard work. While I think it was kind of cheating how she brought her own supplies with her from Japan, I think it was neat how she customized her entire outfit from mere lingerie.


U’s outfit and model, on the left — Yunkoro’s outfit and model on the right


It was a tough decision, but Yunkoro came out as the winner. I felt bad for U because she tried so hard, but I think whoever stated at the end “they should both win” is right. I love both their outfits 😀


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