Gyaru coord attempt

Well, I’m not exactly sure if this would be considered a “gyaru coord attempt”. I just buy whatever I like- even if it’s not gyaru. Let’s be honest, I’m not going to spend $100 on one shirt simply because it has a “Liz Lisa” or a “Mar*s” brand tag on it. I’ve never been a brand chaser and I think 95% of those clothes are ugly anyway. I don’t care if Japanese gyaru girls wear it and, honestly, I wouldn’t be able to fit my fat ass in them anyway (50 inch hips here people!).

I went on a mini shopping spree with my mom yesterday at Dots Fashions (heaven for cheap people). I save so much money at Dots. Other people would probably say quality or quantity, but with me, when it comes to clothes, that’s so not true. I love clothes and I want to buy as much as possible so I go for the cheapest clothes I can find (Walmart, Dots, Papaya, Forever 21, etc). We had two coupons for Dots at home and they sat on a counter for almost a week untouched. I waited all week until the weekend when I had a few days off work to use them. I was more than excited. Only to find out someone threw them away exactly on Friday, the day I planned to use them.

I was so pissed! They were coupons for $25 off total! Just like that, they were gone, but I didn’t let that stop me. I still went shopping and, surprisingly, everything I tried on fit me like a charm. I’m starting to notice that my fashion sense is gradually changing. I’m not sure what gyaru substyle I’m following, but I suddenly find myself attracted to over the knee boots, studs and buckles, faux leather jackets, tribal prints, and bright colors.
 photo 2013-01-26213407_zps56386f37.jpg

 photo 2013-01-26210242_zps1da4866c.jpg

 photo 2013-01-26210123_zps7e0e5cb0.jpg

 photo 2013-01-26204257_zps1a8fc449.jpg

 photo 2013-01-26203619_zps99d77b4a.jpg

 photo 2013-01-26201719_zps1fe3447f.jpg

 photo 2012-12-29150047_zps0a8cc3e4.jpg

That’s not all the clothes I bought though. I guess you can tell what my favorite color is (black), but I’m starting to slowly venture out and play around with other colors too. I got about 6 dresses and a jacket for a total of $97. That’s not too bad.

Oh, and the lady who worked there gave me a 20% discount coupon after I told her I lost all my other coupons. Aww, how nice of her 🙂


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