Gyaru Inspirations

It’s a bit scary how exciting I was to wear my circle lenses for the first time.

I have admired the gyaru style since I was a teenager and now here I am attempting to dress up as an actual gyaru. I think the main thing that prevented me from pursuing the style is that I’m usually always broke. Now that I have a steady full-time job, it’s easier to buy the gyaru supplies I need and, trust me, gyaru is pretty expensive. Not as expensive as lolita (thank God), but still pretty high for someone as cheap as me. I refuse to spend $20 on Dolly Wink lashes. And that just includes the top lashes. The top and bottom lashes are sold separately, and it only includes about 5 pairs. Wtf. If I spend $20 on lashes, I want a life time supply.


Thank God for Ebay and 10 piece lash sets from Toyeopin for us cheap people. In high school, I tried to do ganguro and decora and, well, let’s just say it didn’t work out. Ganguro is the style I loved most in the past, but not so much anymore. It’s a dead style anyway. Outside of that, my main passion was dressing up in kogyaru. Not only do I collect blankets, I also collect Japanese school girl uniforms. Of course, in the past, even though I bought school girl uniforms, I would never ever wear any of them outside of my room. I would just dress up and admire myself in the mirror.

The first time I dared to wear a school girl uniform in public was in 2010 when I served in AmeriCorps. I got it from the Lawarara Shop. It was black and white, with a tie and plaid skirt. I had to get a friend to help me with my tie and I wore tights underneath because I was too shy about flashing people my underwear. In other words, I wasn’t a true kogyaru. If you’re going to do kogyaru, you gotta throw in a few panty shots every now and then, and they must be white panties. It’s basically written in the law book of kogyaru.

kogyaru (1)

I actually did a photoshoot in that outfit, but I don’t dare to show them because I looked like shit.

Anywho, I just wanted to take the time to give recognition to the gyaru gals who have inspired me all these years.

A lot of gyaru pictures of have inspired me, but there are only two gaijin gyaru’s that I really love and that is:


And Saiharii

 photo saiharii2_zps4956d932.jpg

Is it wrong that I only really look up to black gyaru? I just prefer gyaru who look more like me and I mean, come on, they are both so pretty TT_____TT

New Years resolution: One day, I hope to be just as good as them!


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