The death of 2012

Rest in peace, my dear friend. It was fun while it lasted.

Honestly, 2012 was one (if not, only) of the best years I’ve experienced so far. No one really bullied me this year and I didn’t have to deal with any cheating assholes. It was all smooth sailing; no drama. Ever since I started dating Marshmallow (nickname for my boyfriend), things have been pretty great. I can only hope 2013 will be just as good, if not better.

I stayed up til’ midnight talking to Marshmallow and, when 11:55pm hit, the champagne was readied and the glasses were tipped. I sat in a big blanket (not part of my collection) on the family couch with my mom and my dad by my side, and the new downstairs heater was blaring making it rather comfortable. The ball dropped and, like every year, when the last 10 seconds came, we counted down with the tv broadcaster and watched her make-out with a naval soldier when the countdown hit one, making for an awkward family event. I thought, “if only I had someone to kiss to bring in the new year…” Then my mom kissed me and that was totally not what I was expecting. The streamers were streaming, the confetti was confetti-ing, and Poop (my dog) ran around in excitement without even knowing what we were celebrating. We toasted our wine glasses to a good new year and I quietly sipped on my cheap champagne, while still talking to Marshmallow over the phone. “It’s 2013!”, I yelled into the phone and the only thing Marshmallow could think about was how he wished he wasn’t at work.

January 1, 2013.

This marks the date to the beginning of the New Years resolution everyone has, but no one ever accomplishes: lose weight. Yes, today marks the date of my diet. So please tell me why I just got done eating an over processed microwavable chicken pot pie?

This diet is not starting off well so far, but I refuse to start my new year off on a bad note. I still have time to redeem myself.


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