Introduction of Poop

Someone please tell me: How fuckin’ cute is this dog?



His name is Dr. Snuggles. We also call him Poopie, Snuggs, and Poopster, but we mainly call him Poop. Use your imagination to figure out why we call him Poop. I got him around the end of 2009, so he’s about 3 years old now and, yes, he is a chihuahua or a chi chi, as I like to call them.

My parents hate animals, but my dad gave him to me one faithful day in an attempt to make me happy. It made me happy. It was around the end of Fall, cold and windy, and he came home from work one day with a little cardboard box in his hands. My parents have always hated animals- especially rodents, so it surprised me to see a little white rat wrapped in a blanket inside the box. I was always crazy about animals though, even rodents. It took me no time to run up and pet it. It wasn’t until I petted it until I realized it wasn’t a rat at all- it was a dog. His coat was white and tan, and his eyes were big and black, but you could see that they were dark brown if you looked at him closer. He shivered and shaked his little head then looked up at me. It was love at first sight.

I gave my dad the biggest hug, and my face lit up. Mission accomplished. After many failed usages of Zoloft, Zyprexa, Lexapro, and Abilify, I came to an obvious conclusion: If there was anything to cure my depression, it would have to be this dog. Poop is never sad. He is always, for some odd reason, happy. “Don’t buy me the expensive, new dog food? That’s ok. I still happy. Don’t pet me because you’re too busy? Oh, alright. I still happy anyway.”

Poop shares my love for blankets and always crawls under one to sleep with me at night. He uses my butt as a pillow and doesn’t mind how saggy it is or how big it’s gotten lately. He’s just always happy.


This is him a few days after we first welcomed him into the family. Look how tiny he is:



Here he is wrapped in the blanket that started my obsession: my first Snuggie. Hence the name Dr. Snuggles.


And this is him for 2010’s Christmas in his Christmas sweater:


Sadly, there are no 2012 Christmas pictures of him in a sweater. This year his present was doggie treats and a new toy. I never in my life thought that I would be one of those crazy people who dress their pets in clothes and it always annoyed me a bit, but, ever since Poop came into my life, now I can kinda understand why they do it.

This dog will always hold a special place in my heart. Poop and Marshmallow are really my only true friends (outside of my family) in this world.


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