How to be a good cam model

Because, you know, I know everything about being a good cam model >__> /sarcasm

I’ll just tell you what I learned throughout my short, spontaneous cam model adventure and what I’ve learned from other models.

1. Be Asian. Seriously. The majority of your customers will be old white men and we all know how much white men love Asian women. All you have to do is be Asian and they’ll throw money at you. The only successful non-nude model I’ve known was a college aged Asian girl. If you’re Asian and you still fail at being a cam model, just quit because nothing else will help you.

If you aren’t Asian or you are Asian and still failed at camming and still think you can fix it, keep reading:

2. Have great social skills. This is more important than being attractive. If you’re funny and know how to work a room, you’ll do fine. I can’t count how many times I ran out of subjects to talk about or my cheeks got tired from smiling so I just sat there like an idiot and lost visitors to my room. If you aren’t talking, at least always be doing something; play with your hair, cross and uncross your legs, and for God’s sake dance.

3. Be a good dancer. Actually, scratch that. You don’t even have to be good at dancing. All you have to do is act happy and move around. Always be doing something- anything- with your body. That’s it.

4. Know your shit. Don’t be a dumbass and just nonchalantly sign up for the first webcam website you hear about. Do your research. Not only should you research which company you want to broadcast with, you should also watch a crap ton of other webcam models perform and pay attention to their price rates.

5. Take advantage of your “new model” status. The biggest mistake any model can do is not take advantage of their fresh, new face (or shall I say, body). Customers will be seeing you for the first time and you will appear at the top of the new model page. Show them everything you’ve got to make them come back for more.

6. Have a good music playlist ready. Don’t only focus on the music you love. Try to find a balance between the music you love and the music your customers love to hear. If you play music your customers love, they’ll never want to leave even if you yourself is boring. Back to the old white man thing. Most of your customers will be older white males. What do old white men listen to? Use those stereotyping skills you learned in life.

7. Smile. Always smile. Always. Try to look enthusiastic. There’s a very popular webcam model who rarely ever (dare I say never) takes her clothes off and she never even talks. She just smiles and looks really happy and jumps around with her clothes on. And men eat that shit up and basically just throw their cash at her. Think of it as being any other job. Would you want to shop somewhere if the people working there weren’t happy to see you?

8. Be creative. Use lots of props (dry erase board, balloons, rubber ducks, ruler, etc) and outfits. Switch it up. Outside of always smiling, the last girl I talked of also was very creative. I mean, VERY creative. Once she role played as a sailor. She actually took the time to buy a life vest and a small row boat for her cam show. For the whole hour she broadcasted, she just rowed her boat and smiled while the viewers laughed and threw their money at her. She never even showed any skin or talked. Yes, she lost money by buying those props, but think of the money you will gain. Also, don’t just cam in one place. Your viewers will get bored. Try camming in a wide variety of areas- bathtub, shower, an outside patio area, your kitchen while you cook dinner, etc.

9. Know your customers. I think I’ve already explained this one in detail. Just as McDonald’s advertises to fat people, realize who you advertise to. Who will you attract? Who do you want to attract? You are the product. Sell yourself and know who you’re selling yourself to.

10. Know your competition. Camming is VERY competitive. There are hundreds of hundreds of girls with the same goal as you. They all have vaginas and boobs and ass. What makes your vagina any tighter and wetter than theirs?

This will probably be my last post about webcam modeling. I honestly haven’t cammed in almost forever and, when I did, I only cammed for 3 weeks total. I’m a total newb. In a way, I miss it and I hope to return to the cam world one day. It was nice having my own little room where I could do anything I wanted and be my own boss and get paid for it, but, in another way, I’m glad I left. Camming is stressful.

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