The end of the world and how it didn’t end

Well, the world didn’t end. It was supposedly going to end around 6am EST.

Surprise, surprise. /sarcasm

I promised myself that I wouldn’t step out of the house today. Not because I believed in the end of the world prophecy, but because I believed humans would go absolute ape shit today and I didn’t want to get caught in the middle of it. I remember the Y2K craze and my family and I went to the grocery store to shop like we normally do- one shopping cart and a few things to last us for a few days. Everyone else had like 3-4 shopping carts, stacking up on food and water for the end of days. The wait in line was insane.

I’m so glad I didn’t have work today. I was so scared that some fool would intentionally crash into my car on the way to work because he felt the world was ending anyway so he might as well go out in a bang. Or I would go to Walmart like I usually do and some ass would go on a shooting rampage in the name of some Mayan God. So, nope, I was staying inside.

That is, until my mom suggested we go out for Chinese food.

How could I have passed up such an offer? I fuckin’ love Chinese food.

Luckily, no one died. No crazed drivers (just one lady who sat at a green light for forever because she thought that was the perfect time to put on a seat belt) or shooters.

Sometimes I wonder how much of a laugh it would be if the world really did end. Everyone mocked the Mayans prophecy and laughed, and, as revenge, we’d wake up at 6am to the world splitting apart and fire breathing through the Earth. Yes, that’s how I always envisioned the world ending.

“No, I always thought the world ending would entail every living being quickly evaporating after a bright flash of light.”, says Dani (my boyfriend). Actually, his interpretation sounds much better and less painful.


How do you envision the world ending?



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