Black Friday Haul

I blew my entire first paycheck of $440.

Not entirely on Black Friday deals, but on other (pointless) things too.

First let’s talk about my shit pay. $440? Seriously? I worked my ass off and even worked seven days straight. $200 of my paycheck is cut by taxes. I’m a bit upset because of this, but I guess it (may possibly and hopefully) go to a good cause like keeping Job Corps and AmeriCorps open.

Anyway, back to Black Friday. This was the first time I actually took advantage of Black Friday deals and actually bought something. Of course, I mainly only bought haircare products.

1. Two bottles of 33oz Oyin Handmade Hair Dew for $54.

2. One bottle of 32oz Curl Junkie Curl Rehab for $57. I wanted the Strawberry Ice-Cream scent, but all they had was the Gardenia- Coconut scent so I settled with that. Side note: Why the fuck is Curl Junkie and Oyin so God damn expensive? Especially when you add on shipping costs! Ugh, ridiculous (she says as she takes out her debit card to buy it).

3. I took advantage of Miss Jessie’s BOGO deal and bought one 16oz Curly Pudding for $38 and got Curly Meringue for free. Despite all the negative reviews Miss Jessie gets in the natural world, this deal was too good to pass up.

4. Four pairs of Pure Gear headphones. Retail price was like $214, but I got them for only $20.

5. Denman D41 brush for $20. I actually didn’t get this on Black Friday, but close enough. I think I molested this brush in my sleep; that’s how much I love it. Well, actually I haven’t tried it yet because I still have my braids, but I can’t wait to.

6. Tangle Teezer for $11.98 (+s&h). Yep, I got this too and on the same day I bought the Denman brush. I bought both of them right after I made my last blog post. I just couldn’t wait. It’s not leopard print (that one was too expensive), but I still love it. I was prepared for it’s awkward design.


I can’t wait to take these braids down and actually use all of these products. You’d think after buying all those haircare products I would be done, but no. There is always something to buy. Now I’m on a mission to buy a Huetiful Hair Steamer (or its knock-off) and start doing some Henna treatments. I’m in love with Henna Sooq now.

I think I’m more than ready to do the big chop now. I’ve been thinking of changing my BC date to December 21, 2012 instead because, you know, that date supposedly being the end of the world makes it that much more meaningful. Then when I get 40 and start reminiscing about the supposed end of the world and my old lady friends ask me what I was doing on that day while talking about how scared they were, I can say “I was cutting my hair.”


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