Denman Brush VS Tangle Teezer

Out of my almost two years of transitioning, why am I just now finding out about these two brushes?

Immediately upon finding out about both of them, I have now made it my mission to buy both and do an assessment of both of them. I feel extremely late writing this because apparently they’ve been hot items on the natural hair care market for years. I found so many Youtube videos about them, so many reviews, and I never even knew they existed until now.

These two brushes are “high quality” advanced brushes meant to cut your detangling time in half and lower it significantly. However, I’ve heard more rave reviews saying that the Tangle Teezer is best for detangling and the Denman is best for curl definition so, instead of buying one over the other, I’m going to buy both and use the TT for detangling and use the Denman just to define my curls.


The Denman Brush

Outside of the rave reviews, I also hear a lot naturals complain that this brush rips their hair out. I think the main reason for this is because most of them bought the D3 and the D4 version of the brush without knowing that this brush comes in different variations for different hair textures (and, if you bought the D3 or D4, you can customize it and take out rows of bristles). If you have coily, kinky hair, it’s probably best that you buy the D31 or the D41 because the bristles are more spaced out.

The D31 is best if you have short coily hair and the D41 is recommended if you have long coily hair. Despite transitioning for almost two years, my natural hair is pretty short. When stretched out, my hair only reaches to eye length. I think I’ll buy the D41 now just so I won’t have to buy the D31 AND then the D41 later when my hair grows longer. It’ll save money.

See how close together the bristles of the D3 is compared to the D41? Doesn’t it just look painful? And, no, I didn’t take this picture, but I thank whoever did.


This is the proof of the supposed curl definition the Denman provides. I’m sold.


The Tangle Teezer


Yes, it looks very simple.

So simple that, yes indeed, it does look like an actual dog grooming brush.

But I’m going to go ahead and but it anyway because the curiosity is killing me. It is also said by a few people that this brush was the cause of their split ends, but, still, the positive reviews overpower the negative so I have to buy it. Also, it comes in such cute colors and designs TT_____TT

I want this one!

It is said that this brush literally sounds like it’s ripping your hair out, but it has been proven that that’s just the sound the brush makes regardless of whether you’re brushing your hair with it or not.



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