22 month Natural Hair Transition

I got box braids for the first time last weekend and it’s probably the dumbest decision I’ve made in my natural hair journey. Getting braids is like delivering a baby (from a childless person’s point of view). You endure pain for hours, but the outcome is so beautiful and makes you feel like it was all worth it.

I went to an African salon to get my hair braided. Good, right?

The African lady had an afro of her own. Good, right? (Actually, it was probably a wig)


She had natural hair, but I felt like this lady knew absolutely nothing about natural hair. Hence why I think it was just a wig. She took a comb (almost fine tooth) and ran it straight through my dry kinky hair. I honestly think she was intentionally trying to pull the hair out of my scalp. She was not happy until she saw me bleed. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little, but not by much. I almost jumped out of the chair and yelled “STOP IT! IT HURTS! YOU’RE PULLING MY HAIR OUT!”

But I didn’t. I’ve never had box braids so I dumbly thought this was normal protocol for getting braids. I will admit, however, that my hair now looks like a hot mess. Literally. It’s just a mop top oasis of hot mess-osity growing on top of my head. It’s such a mess, I had to openly apologize to the stylist. You know your hair is a mess when you have to apologize to people for its appearance. This is the point in your natural hair transition when you realize, “am I doing it right?” or, better yet, “can I turn back now?”

The braids took 6 hours for two people to finish (now imagine- if it took two people to finish braiding it in six hours, how long is it going to take one person to take them down?), they cost me $170 (which I’m told is too much), they hurt like hell the first two days after getting them (not a good sign), but, in the end, I am happy I got it done. I don’t think they’re as pretty as my cornrows, but they are pretty none-the-less.

Or maybe I’m just trying to convince myself that they’re pretty after spending $170 on them. Anyway, you be the judge:

Again, I apologize for my crappy camera. Not so good pictures, but I tried. Like my outfit?

Thank you Walmart.

I tried to take a texture shot of my hair when I took the braids down, but the picture didn’t come out right. I ended up completely mini chopping two small sections of my hair so I can see my hair texture. It’s almost like peeling away a small part of the wrapping paper on your presents before Christmas. As I predicted, I am a mixture of 4A and 4B, and, surprisingly, I have a few 3C’s mixed in there.  The curl isn’t as defined as I want it to be, but I’ve never seen anyone have pretty defined curls right after big chopping. They usually only become more defined after a few months when you learn your hair needs (porosity, texture, etc).

I’ve now decided that my big chop date will be April 22, 2013- my 24th birthday and also the 28th month of my transition 🙂


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