16 Benefits of being a webcam model

I know I complain a lot about webcam modeling, but today I wanted to share with you the good things about being a cam model. To be honest, I actually believe it’s one of the best jobs you can have. Cam modeling is the only job were you get paid for dancing around in a cat costume while purring and meowing.

1. You can set your own schedule. You can work from 1am-3am, you can work from 5pm-10pm, you can work for 30 minutes or an hour. It’s all up to you and whatever you want.

2. You can log off whenever you want. It’s not like a job were you have to punch out at a certain time. You can log on for 10 minutes if you want to, or stay on for 24 hours straight. Yes, 24 hours straight. I’ve seen a few shows were models do a challenge to see how long they can stay awake. The whole point of cam modeling is to simply be entertaining.

3. If someone pisses you off, you can block them or ignore them. Don’t you wish you could block that bitch at work who you hate? Well, you can if you’re a webcam model.

4. You set your own rules and be your own boss. The power really goes to your head.

5. You’re literally drenched in compliments on the daily. Guys will compliment everything about you and love everything you do whether you are 400lbs or 100lbs. Everything to them will be sexy. They wouldn’t come into your room if they didn’t find you appealing. If you have a pimple on your face, I’m sure some freak out there would find it insanely sexy and would bust a nut to it. It’s a real confidence booster.

6. You don’t have to meet anyone face to face. Unlike prostitution or most other forms of sex work, with webcam modeling you never even have to meet anyone face to face so, for the most part, it’s pretty safe. Webcam sex work is safe sex work. Just try to stay clear of scams and keep your address personal.

7. You can block certain countries or states. If you have family in New York and you don’t want them to know you’re a webcam model, you can just block that particular state or block the whole damn country if you want to.

8. You don’t have to have sex with anyone. This should probably be benefit #1. No worries of pregnancy or STD’s.

9. You don’t have to take your clothes off if you don’t want to. It’s hard, but a few cam models make big bucks without ever having to show any skin. Despite popular belief, webcam modeling is more about socializing than it is about sex. I was a non-nude model for a good majority of my shows. I got bullied a lot by viewers who tried to get me to take my clothes off. You will find that a lot of guys want to see the goods for free and will say anything out of the wood work to get you to take your clothes off. Fuck those guys. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to and cam modeling is about way more than sex. Like I’ve said before, the whole point of cam modeling is to be entertaining. Whether “entertaining” means having an eating contest or playing beer pong or fingering yourself or having sex with your partner is all up to you to decide.

10. Fans buy you gifts. Outside of your usual tips, customers also buy you gifts on your Amazon wishlist.

11. You can use a fake name. If privacy is your concern, no one would have to even know your real name.

12. You meet great people. I’ve met a lot of nice, fun people while camming. It’s a good way to meet friends or even find your future husband/boyfriend. I’ve known a few models who actually end up marrying one of their fans.

13. You never even have to get out of bed. I’ve done many cams shows right in my bed. Shit, you may not even have to take your PJ’s off. Unless you wear a huge grandma nightgown like me.

14. The things you once thought were unattractive suddenly become attractive. Some guys love girls with soft, untoned stomachs, or huge thunder thighs, or A-cup breasts. If you considered these a fault once, specialize in this as a webcam model and you can get a lot of followers.

15. Camming is good therapy and a great creative outlet. It’s always nice to just kick back and talk to the guys and let off some steam. It’s also a good place to let your creative juices flow. You have to be insanely creative to be a cam model. People get bored looking at the same tits and ass every day so you have to switch it up to keep your cash flow. Try cosplay and wigs, and definitely play a lot of game variations like hang man or Jeopardy.

16. Great networking. If you have a blog or a product you’re trying to sell (your artwork, etc), camming really boosts your sells and gets you noticed.

Odd number to stop at, but that’s all I could think of for now, but I’m sure there is more. I think you get the point though πŸ™‚

22 thoughts on “16 Benefits of being a webcam model

  1. These are indeed great benefits to being a cam model and I appreciate that you took time to highlight the positive side of being in our industry. I wish more ladies wanted to be cam models because of the reasons you listed, instead of “just for the money” Great post. β™₯

    • Aw, that really makes me feel better ^__^
      Most people are so weary of it for “moral” reasons, but that’s basically like them just throwing away free money because, as I try to explain in my blog, cam modeling is about much much more than sex or taking your clothes off. Most of the time, it involves neither and you can make good spending money just from simply being entertaining. Whether that involves sex or not is up to you. It’s not bad if it does involve sex though. In my opinion, if you aren’t hurting anyone and it’s between two consenting adults, then what’s the problem?

  2. I HavE Been Interested In Being A Webca Model For A While Now And Reading This Makes Me Eve More InterestEd….Can You Tell Me A Good Company To Start With?? I JusT Dont Know Where To Begin! Thanks!!

    • Hmm well I only broadcasted with My Free Cams and Chaturbate. There is also Live Jasmin and Girl Fund and dozens of other companies to work with. I only worked as a cam model for three weeks so I can’t really say with is best. All I can recommend is for you to sign up on AmberCutie.com. There are more experienced models on that website who can help you.

  3. Hi Olivia, can you please tell me how much money you were able to earn in the 3 weeks you did webcam modeling? Also how many hours per day did you do it? I know it varies for each model but I’m considering it for myself part time. Thanks for all the great info!

    • $250 my first week on My Free Cams, $85 my second week (didn’t broadcast for 5 days of this week though because I was at my boyfriend’s house and Anime Weekend Atlanta so that pay only constitutes for two days of work), and a mere $5 my third week. So, technically, I was only a webcam model for less than 3 weeks TT____TT Just wasn’t my cup of tea, I suppose. Oh, and I broadcasted for a few days on Chaturbate and liked it a lot more than MFC, but only made about $50-$60. My pay was pretty pathetic compared to most other webcam models. I usually cammed for about 2-5 hours depending on how much fun I was having. Just go to AmberCutie.com to learn more about cam modeling. There are more experienced models there who can help you.

  4. I am a model of Live Cam Baby and RedCamTube.com. We can see some special promotions on Live Cam Baby. I have made more than $1k per day. that was amazing

  5. Chaturbate is soooo much better…MFC seems ok at first,but so called cam score makes it hard for unexperienced models,for models from third world countries too.On MFC, cam score goes down,if u didnt make certain ammount of tokens within some period of time but u have been online,and guys think that if ur score is low,you arent good model.On Chaturbate I am doing enough to stay on track until i find myself rich guy offline.I dont withdraw earnings from MFC,its like savings,coz that site is financially very reliable.So my advice is,get some experience on Chaturbate,and then try MFC.And dont waste time trying register on Imlive,they suffer huge lack of traffic.Good luck,chicks!!!

  6. I work for streamate and LOVE it! I would suggest cam modeling to many girls… I used to be in banking, and it was so stressful! Now I make more money than I did before, and working less hours. Life is so much more fun! Oh, and my fiancee was the one who suggested it. I have had my confidence boosted daily by wonderful people who come into my rooms. I love this job!

    • I also average about 200-300 a day, working 6 hrs a day. SO I have three day weekends every week πŸ™‚

  7. How are you able to have a wishlist, without getting caught? I know for the site I work on it is not allowed, and where do they send it to? Because wont it show my address? I have a few fans that have asked me about my amazon wishlist. Please let me know when you can!! Thanks !

    • Make an account on AmberCutie.com. They explain all of this there. When I read it last, I think they explained something along the lines of you having to buy a P.O. Box (which can be expensive). I was going to post a link, but I could no longer log in =[ I guess I forgot my password. I wish you luck in this line of work!!

    • I worried about that too at times. For my setting, I just blocked all the states where I knew people. I’m not sure if your company allows you to block certain locations. If they did find out, oh well. I have a life outside of my regular job. No one can stop me from being me and I never plan on having a career that’s so uptight about things like that like working in politics or law.Business environments aren’t for me. If they found out, I’d just say “Oh, you caught me. I’m a human who likes sex. Sorry.”

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