Orientation at my new job

I am now a strong, independent (ish) black woman.

After so many months (years, actually) of searching, I now officially have a job and I couldn’t be more happy (and nervous). My manager cleared my extensive background check and had me come in for an orientation yesterday. I was given a quick tour around the facility, attentively watched some videos on HIPPA, proper body mechanics, and sexuality of the elderly (I quite enjoyed the sexuality of the elderly video), and had to sign a shit load of papers. Honestly, I basically had to sign my life away to get this job. Literally. I had to sign a paper for just about everything. It almost scares me a bit, but, of course, what young adult wanting a car wouldn’t sign their life away in a heart beat?

She gave me a set schedule and I got so giddy inside seeing my name next to the other experienced workers. I will be working the 7am to 3pm shift. Yes, it’s really early so going to bed early will take some getting used to for me seeing as I am a night owl ^____^;; I start “training” tomorrow and I’m beyond nervous. I’ll be working as a certified nursing assistant– whipping asses, feeding patients, brushing their teeth, bathing them, and, most importantly, being their friend. Most of them are scared to be away from their families and sometimes even try to run away. I want to give them support and make their transition onto death as smooth as possible. I write about sex a lot, but I am an extremely caring individual. I’ve done a lot of community service and I hope to one day become a psychiatric nurse.

It’s so calming to know that I now have a job that can help me with dental insurance (my tooth fell out not too long ago just out of the blue) and will reimburse my tuition when I go to college to become a nurse. My ultimate goal would be to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner, BUT that requires a lot of time, money, and intelligence. I am intelligent, but, let’s face it- I’m not the absolute best at math.

The support I get from other soon-to-be nurses on allnurses.com really helps me. I’ve come to find out that not all nurses started out being good at math (which is kind of a scary thought when you really think about it).

You just have to work hard at it and study- and I will 🙂

I can’t wait to get my first paycheck and spoil my baby (my BF) with gifts. More-so, I can’t wait to save up for my first car.

I’m not sure if I’ll continue working as a webcam model anymore since I have a “real” job now. It’s so nice to have a steady paycheck instead of getting paid $100 one week and $5 the next. Maybe I will just webcam on my days off when I feel like it, but I haven’t cammed on either MFC or Chaturbate in quite some time.

I don’t even think I can technically call myself a webcam model anymore. It was fun while it lasted.


2 thoughts on “Orientation at my new job

  1. I wanted to join MFC but I’m afraid it will appear on my background check. I work in the investment banking industry. You didn’t have any problems with that?

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