My Own Sick Fetishes

Yes, even I am a sick freak.

Like I said, we all are. Most of us (especially women) are just afraid to admit it.

My boyfriend has a thing for short skirts and gangbangs. Pretty normal for a guy, I suppose. He is a sexual deviant, but he’s not completely insane when it comes to sex, which is good.

Me, on the other hand, I think my fetishes are a little more tabboo. I’ve only told a handful of people my fetishes because I’ve always been afraid of what others would say, so I think it’s completely and totally smart of me to tell the whole freakin’ internet.
So here goes (yes, I will do this in list format):

1. Hair. Yes, I get turned on by hair and this included the hair on your head and, at times, also armpit hair. It makes me so wet to see a guy playing with his hair. And, no, not just any kind of hair. Don’t expect me to fall head over hills for you with some Kunta Kinte peach fuzz on top of your head. I usually prefer long hair and by long I mean no longer than chin length. A bit curly and dark, and I’m all yours. I remember in high school, I actually took a strand of my then boyfriend’s hair and licked on it. He laughed, but I’m sure he was a bit freaked out.

2. Age play. This one is a bit new to me and I’m not even sure if I should include this as a fetish of mine. It’s so-so, but it’s nice to play upon it every now and then.

And the last one, the main thing that seems to turn me on and a very taboo fetish at that:

3. Race play. I get crazy turned on imagining a white man dominating me like his slave. I can already imagine the black people taking away my black race recognition card and giving me a lecture on black history. I know all about black history, but I can’t help it. I remember being a little girl and getting turned on by the thought of having sex with a KKK member. It’s turning me on even right now as I write this. I remember watching the movie Rose Wood in middle school one day and it was a very serious, educational moment. The teacher made sure to have us watch it so we could learn our history (I went to an all black school). It’s a movie all about slavery and there is a scene in the movie were a white male store owner has sexual relations with a young black girl who works at his store. Everyone else was crying, but it just turned me on so much and I wished I were that girl.


So, yeah, I’m going to go hide in the closet now.


4 thoughts on “My Own Sick Fetishes

  1. A lot of “open-minded” people try desperately to hide their own taboo desires and so they feel the need to judge those of us that are more open. So few people know that I am a phone sex operator because of that. But I love my work! I get to help others explore their own taboo desires because they can not tell anyone else about them! Kudos to you for being willing to explore and admit your fantasies! The world would be a better place if more people were like us!

  2. woow i am sitting here a year somewhat pale, straight forward dude in Denmark Scandinavia 27 years old.
    this kinda brings me back to High School age about 16 year old there where this very cute bi racial girl
    she was Danish/Sri Lanka black, very busty and she also had a secret that she really loved white dude’s
    and i mean i remember we where on this Island trip with the School and where bunking in tent’s and where hiking to the beach alone with no grown up’s with us and there and in the forest there on that little island i mean i have some of my wettest Black girl fantasy’s out of that trip there 🙂
    even when we where laying at the camp fire with some blankets over us i would creep all up on here from the back and i could feel here hand moving up the skirt she was having on and she just took it there hehe 🙂
    we where so playful and at the same time had to kinda look out for trouble

    i meet here at a reunion 1 year ago again, she still look’s the same very great and now she is married
    and everything

    came to think of all that when i was going through this article
    so great and by the way

    you will be in my wet dreams the next time
    i want black girl in there 😉
    then i am thinking, you bending over in the forest and be behind like some mad man humping away hehe

    Love and Goof’s here from Christian.

  3. i have those same fetishes minus the hair one i wanna gt fcked/gangbanged by a bunch of old white men right before they auction me off thought i was the only one but guess not i love tht same part on rose wood omgod he was fckn the shit outta her tht shit turns me on

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