Fetishes and Clips4Sale

Everyone has their own sexual fetish.

Being in the webcam industry has opened me up to learning about so many fetishes- some I never even wanted to know. I thought having a foot fetish was bad; talk about having an amputee fetish or a menstruation fetish. It seems as if every sick guy out there wants to live out his sick sexual fantasy with webcam models. I suppose because no one else would be dumb enough to do it. Some are just down right weird or others are just plan offensive. I will never, ever understand why any guy would get a hard on from watching a 300lb woman crush a cardboard box and would actually pay to see this or why a man would masturbate to Asian women crushing baby rabbits by sitting on them and stumping on them in high heels.

Moral of the story: There are some sick, sick, sick, sick, SICK human beings out there in the world and it’s so easy to make money off of them.

And, by that- NO! – I don’t mean you have to crush rabbits. Who the fuck would do that? Who the fuck would jack off to that? They should be beheaded with a dull butter knife. However, you can make easy money off of less offensive (but wildly weird) fetishes. I met a girl on AmerCutie.com who makes a killing on a website called Clips4Sale just for simply posting videos of herself playing with her tongue. She would just sit there and fold her tongue and guys would actually pay for that and jack off to it. Other popular videos are girls who smoke (guys love that shit) or simply making a video of yourself ignoring the viewers. Yes, you literally just sit there- read a book or watch t.v.- and ignore them. Maybe give them a few angry glances at the camera while you ignore them and, bam, the guy blows his load just from that alone. Brushing your hair or cleaning your tongue/teeth are also popular videos, and let’s not forget about probably the most popular and well known fetish: foot fetishists. Just make a video of you scrunching and wiggling your toes and having your feet tickled, or simply just a video of you painting your toe nails, and you’ll get paid simply for doing something you do every day.

Apply red lipstick and kiss at the camera- PAID!

Put on knee high socks- PAID!

Clean your ears- PAID!

Oh, and apparently guys dicks get really hard when girls are sick and cough and sneeze a lot. Just wrinkle your nose and sneeze into the camera, and they’ll blow their load like no tomorrow. A more disgusting aspect, if you’re a daring girl (or guy), is to make a video of you simply exposing your asshole or taking a shit in the bathroom, or peeing. Yes, men LOVE hearing women fart and they love just simply looking at your asshole.

Mm cum watch me as I let out big plops in my toilet after eating Chinese food! $9.99 per video!

I think my favorite fetish so far is Omorashi. I’ll let Wikipedia explain it:

Omorashi is a fetish subculture recognized predominantly in Japan, in which participants experience arousal from having a full bladder or a sexual attraction to someone else experiencing the feeling of a full urinary bladder.

No, they don’t get their rocks off from actually seeing you pee like what most people would assume (but this does help in their arousal). They literally get aroused simply from seeing a girl needing to use the bathroom. Yes, you know that little dance you do when have to go to the restroom really badly? Well, some guys cum like crazy from that and you can get paid doing it.

You can literally get paid for absolutely everything in the sex industry, and a good part of it never even involves sex.


2 thoughts on “Fetishes and Clips4Sale

  1. wow,i never knew about the last one. i guess being a diabetic helps cuz then u have to pee often….
    But yeah,sick people ive seen and encountered. Im in a dating site where there is mostly people uploading dirty pictures in their picture folders and visitors pay to see them, so everyone always assumes its dirty pictures in there. I decided to play upon that and just uploaded a lot of boring innocent ones. I’ve made 860$ so far.

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