I started webcaming on Chaturbate. I got sick of myfreecams.
I actually like the atmosphere on Chaturbate more. It’s more relaxed, it has the option to view male webcam models, and, best of all, it has NO camscore!! The camscore aspect of MFC always lowered my self esteem and made me perform worse as a model. Now, I feel more free and confident. I feel more like a human being on Chaturbate than I do on MFC. On MFC, I just felt like a camscore; I felt like a robot you just put tokens into. Also, the guys on Chaturbate seem much nicer than the ones on MFC. No one on Chaturbate has called me a nigger or a whore, or has tried to scam me into giving free shows, or bully me and demean me into taking my clothes off. Everything on Chaturbate is more relaxed and it’s so nice to be able to view guys cams at the same time while I’m online. Chaturbate is almost like Facebook, but for sex freaks. I befriend other models and message them when they log on. It’s all good fun.

The only aspect I liked more about MFC over Chaturbate is the fact that MFC does direct deposits for your paycheck. So far, I don’t think Chaturbate does that. I opted to receive my check in the mail; meaning I would have to go cash it myself and risk my parents asking what the fuck Chaturbate is and why am I receiving mail from them. I also heard a bit from other models on that the privacy settings on Chaturbate are all out of wack and people can see your cam even while you’re doing a private show if they really wanted to.

I guess that is a risk I’m willing to take.


Side note:

Ever since joining this website, I now have this insatiable desire for BWC (big white cock). I swear almost every white guy on this website has the biggest fuckin’ cock I’ve ever seen. Whoever came up with that stereotype that black men have the biggest cocks is a straight up liar.


2 thoughts on “Chaturbate

  1. Ha…. that was awesome, thanks for your input!! 😀 I love performing on CB too, the atmosphere is really wonderful and I love being able to appoint mods. :)!

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