Who has a job? Who’s a good girl?

I do! I am!

Well, most likely and hopefully I have a job.

I applied to a shit ton of assisted living facilities near my home and one called me back this week to schedule an interview. Thankfully, I was able to buy three nice, well put together business attire suits through my time in Job Corps and I was able to boost my interview skills through AmeriCorps NCCC so I wasn’t worried at all. I went in prepared, she asked me a few questions about my life, I answered them. Then, what makes me believe I got the job, she made a copy of my social security card, my drivers license, and all my CNA certifications and had me do a drug test right then and there. I’ve never done drugs before so I wasn’t worried at all. When we were done, she told me to get a background check from the local police department and to bring it back ASAP and she would reimburse me for my money spent on the background check.

This is a good sign, right? I got the job, right?

Well, I did as I was told. I went to get the background check ASAP and I immediately brought it back to her the following day. She took it, reimbursed my money and then, the heart breaker, told me that they now have to do an extensive background check 😦 Seriously? Can I please just have the job now? No, I’ve never beat up on old ladies or got arrested for selling cocaine so just give me the job and stop playing with me. Grrr. Sigh, I understand why they need an extensive background check, but I just really hope I have this job. I could really use the money right now to save up for a car.

So wish me luck!


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