3rd Week as a Webcam Model

It just gets harder and harder, and it makes me not want to log on anymore.

My first paycheck was $250, my second was $85 (I didn’t work for a week for that pay period though because I was at Anime Weekend Atlanta and my boyfriend’s house), and, so far, for my 3rd pay period, I’ve only earned about $5. I don’t even think I can buy a McDonald’s meal with that. I still have time to earn money before the pay period is over though. I honestly have no idea how some girls work as a webcam model full-time and actually support their kids with this. I feel so sorry for them, but then I also think they have a lot of guts. I once overheard a girl on AmerCutie.com say that she raised about $10,000 in five months and used it to pay off her college loans– WOW! What a lucky girl. I’m sure she did more than just webcam model though, especially not just on one website. I’m sure she sold her panties, sold her home-made porn, etc.

I started off as a “non-nude model” (yes, you can be a successful webcam model without ever taking any clothes off), but, as I become more confident with my body, I’m starting to notice that I don’t mind taking my clothes off every now and then. In a way, I’ve grown to love certain parts of my body I never loved before. My camscore is now below 700 and that’s sad, really sad. When you log on cam, the longer you stay online without receiving a tip, the faster your camscore lowers and, when your camscore lowers, you lose customers. You aren’t as popular anymore so your name drops further and further down the cam stream line into an abyss of nothingness. You’re supposed to log off if you don’t receive tips within 30 minutes of being online to save your camscore, but I always end of staying online way longer because I have so much fun talking to the guys in my room.

The only positive thing I can say about having less traffic in my room is that I no longer get any trolls in my room. No one comes into my room calling me a nigger (yes, there is a lot of racism in the cam industry; hell, even the porn industry as a whole) or a whore anymore. No more guys trying to bully me into taking my clothes off either. I still get a lot of guys who beg and make requests without tipping though. God, they’re the so annoying. I think I would prefer them calling me a nigger over beggers.

Oh, but the most annoying thing over everything else is when people come into your room advertising for other models. UGH!

Camming used to be fun in a way, but now it’s just kind of pissing me off. I’m tired of guys trying to scam me into getting free shows and I’m tired of the same ol’ “Wow, you’re hot! I wish I could tip you now, but I’m broke. I’ll pay you next week!” >____> I’m tired of guys busting their nuts- busting multiple nuts at that- while looking at me, but can never even tip a damn penny. Yes, I literally mean a penny. I’m not exaggerating here. And this is really weird to me because when I first started, I didn’t care about tips at all, I just wanted to have fun and meet new people. I guess I realized that most of the people are assholes so my bright, cheery exterior deteriorated.

I’m not sure how much longer I can keep it up. This is why I hope and pray I get that job because I can’t keep relying on this.

9 thoughts on “3rd Week as a Webcam Model

  1. hey there. Its really cool of you to share your thoughts. I’ve always wondered about cam models but never trusted one to really tell the truth without some type of solicitation. It sounds like you are a good person experimenting with something new. Dont let it get you jaded. Being objectified is depressing, but you must remember or try to envision who is on the other end of the message typing away on their pc.I’m going to keep reading if you keep writing.

  2. hi, you just end your show. It was nice !
    You are a beauty full sexy and very hot girl.

    I can’t wait your next show.

    bye, michel.

  3. I’m also a cam model and the thing that pisses me off the most are the guys who want freebies. It’s a really draining job, but I only do it part-time to have extra spending money. My cheerful disposition has also deteriorated b/c of all the cheapskates. They should know that we’re here to make money (at least most of us…I don’t do it to have fun and meet people, I just do it to have extra money to blow on clothes, lol, but that’s just me, I know some people really rely on this money–I used to, but I’m lucky to have been able to find something else) and that without private shows (or at least tips) we don’t make any money for our time. I HATE that they expect something for nothing.

  4. I know it has been a while back since this was posted, but I was wondering if you could answer some queastions for me. You can shoot me a email. It would be appreciated. (:

  5. I started working for i-camz 2 weeks ago. I didn’t know that it was streamate otherwise I would have just signed up through them. I only get %25 of MY earnings which I find ridiculous that I get a 5$ tip and only get 1.25 of it and spending all that time in a room to basically make what they pay for the first 5 minutes of a 30 min show. Today I got approved for internet modeling.com and they use live cam.com which (shocker) is through stremate also so basically no way around getting screwed on your pay. I was supposed to be using this as a sole income but that is going to be impossible. Im so tired of people expecting stuff for free its crazy! It was fun for the first 3 days but I’m not a very cheery person in general (bad depression) but I am good at faking it, well they have actually worn me out on faking it which is hard to do. They all “love” me so much but apparently not enough to pay me. I’m now signing up for adultvideos.com to sell videos and will probably sign up as an agent just so maybe I can actually make some money. This is not as good of a job as everyone else makes it out to be, I’m glad its not just me that is hating it.

  6. Hey, I make a great living off of webcam modeling. I am not a top model but I always seem to average $200 in 3 hours. It’s been almost 3 months and Im still doing it. Yes, I am african American also. Not here to brag, but to inspire. You just have to find what works for you. And that goes for anybody. Some get tips for dancing but I see that doesn’t work for me no matter how sexy . I just sit down and talk to the camera and Guys. Experiment.

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