Two New Wigs to my Collection

I just received my two wigs from China in the mail yesterday. I got so excited to try them on, I decided to get all dolled up and wear one of them during my cam show that night. I don’t like the wigs much, but the guys on MyFreeCams said they liked the brown one even more than my first wig. I took a lot of pictures so you be the judge.

Firstly, to give you an idea of what these wigs will look like. This is the “packaging” it came in. Basically an altered trash bag with two sandwich ziploc bags inside. They did only cost about $13 each (free shipping) though so that’s pretty much a steal. Please excuse my naked nails. I wipe asses for a living at nursing homes. I’m not even going to invest in my fingernails. They’re a lost cause.


^ This is what the product picture looked like. I REALLY liked this color, but I decided to order it in black. I’m still too scared to venture off into light colored wigs ^__^;; I’m not sure if they’ll look right with my skin tone.

As you can see, my face is seemingly frozen into one facial expression.

I absolutely HATE this wig. It looks so fake and shiny. Even when I brushed it with a special wig brush and sprayed it with synthetic wig conditioning spray.



Isn’t it so cute on her? Notice how I put emphasis on her. I decided to get this one in brown. This is the lightest color I have ventured into so far. I actually like this wig more than the first one.

^ Cum shots anyone? I fail at doing those cute gyaru facial expressions you see other girls do 😦  And my face looks hideous when I don’t smile, so, basically, the only facial expression I can do is smile.


So, please, tell me what you think 🙂
I actually changed my make-up around a bit for these shots. I plan on buying a NYX jumbo white eyeshadow pencil soon, but, until then, I decided to just use what I already have: light purple eyeshadow. I just used that and lightly applied it under my eyes to make them appear wider and more gyaru-ish. I also used these new eyelashes I just bought on Ebay:

Isn’t the packaging just adorable? O_O They’re handmade eyelashes from a company called Toyoepin. I still can’t believe I paid $15 for some eyelashes. But they do last a long time and it included 10 pairs (of course, minus the pair I’m wearing now in the picture).

They also gave me this super cute 24K gold plate. It’s an image of a girl screaming “Don’t touch”. Cute!

So, all in all, I am pleased with my eyelash purchase, but not so much with my wig purchase.


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