Sooo I want a kigurumi so badly! I was going to get one at Anime Weekend Atlanta, but I was so scared about spending my money. I need to save every bit of money I get and kigurumis are so expensive TT_________TT

I tried to do ganguro make-up once when I was a teenager and it was a complete FAIL.

Of all of them, I think I like this one the best. Well, because- DUH- you get wings! 😀

Imagine how comfortable it would be to walk around the house in this thing?

Mom: Olivia, can you– WHAT?!


Ahhh, it would be so awesome.

Imagine how cool it would be to wear this on Halloween! Imagine how cool it would be to wear at anime conventions! Hmm I just worry that it wouldn’t be as cute on me because I’m 5’10” and 2cough0cough0coughpounds. Sometimes I wish I were a petite girl so I could pull things like this off. I wish I could walk around in kigurumis and pikachu backpacks without people thinking I’m retarded. Ok, well maybe they would think I were retarded if I were short too, but, dammit, at least they would also think I were cute.

They were all at AWA, but they cost about $60-$70. Maybe I will get one some day… Maybe… Some day 😡


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