Anime Weekend Atlanta

Just returned from my weekend trip (and week long trip at my boyfriend’s house) at Anime Weekend Atlanta. This was my second year attending. Last year, I dressed up as in a full Japanese schoolgirl uniform with loose socks and everything, but this year I just dressed in my normal every day clothes. As soon as I entered the AWA complex with my plain jane normal clothes holding my boyfriend’s hand, I regretted my decision. I saw a guy walk by wearing a pink, frilly dress and a blonde wig for Christs sake and here I am being boring. This is the one time of the year were you can wear whatever you want (well, ok, except for Halloween) and embrace your true nerdiness and I chose to just wear my normal street clothes. I had a very good reason to though. As much as I would love to have worn a super short skirt and showed all the girls there what a true schoolgirl outfit looks like, I was sadly on my period at the time and I just didn’t want to risk wearing such a short skirt.

Also, last year it was really windy and cold and it blew my little skirt completely up and exposed my underwear to everyone at AWA. So I figured this year I would just play it safe and save myself from any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Luckily, this year, the weather was perfect and warm. It did rain a bit, but I don’t mind rain as much as I mind wind. My circle lenses didn’t arrive in the mail on time and I opted to not wear kogyaru attire, but I did get to wear my wig for the first time outside. I felt like every guy wanted to fuck me. I know it sounds egotistical, but what’s really so wrong with a girl having high confidence every now and then?

We went to the maid cafe, played Press Your Luck, window shopped our eyes out, and played lots of Magic the Gathering. The BF decided to enter into a Magic tournament ended up winning 2 out of 3 games. I was so proud of him and we even got free starter packs. Of course, I got white and he got black.

However, the most fun we had all weekend I would have to say would be when we weren’t at the convention. Most of the fun occurred in our hotel room. We went out and bought some alcohol (I had to get my favorite: FourLoko) and played a card matching drinking game. It ended up being really fun and it suddenly turned into a strip poker game and, well, I’m sure you know what that night led to 😡

Star Fox!! Boy, that brings back memories ❤

Pedobear and some cute, underaged little girl, haha. My boyfriend’s friend tried to get his little brother to pose with him, but the little boy ran away and said he felt some weird about that bear. LOL, smart little boy.

Look! It’s Grell from Black Butler!!! She was so cute! She even did Grell’s voice perfectly (and that’s very hard to do). I’m not sure what character the guy is holding her, but he got really excited that I was taking a picture of them and demanded that Grell jump into his arms, haha. They were so cute together 🙂

Inside the maid cafe

A cute maid at the maid cafe. Don’t her fool you!! I was hoping to get a cute maid like her and actually get to play board games and rock, paper, scissors and eat cute little tea cakes, but all I got was a male maid who talked the whole time about him having OCD. Wtf.

Pinky Pie and Rarity!!! I was so excited to take their picture! This was the best cosplay I’ve seen of both of them!

It was the most crowded on Saturday @_@

Some lady had a Sugar Glider at the convention just nibbling on her shoulder! I almost screamed at how cute it was *foams from mouth* I asked her about it then she showed me that she had a whole fuckin’ litter of Sugar Glider babies in her baby stroller and actually let me pet them! I had to put on some special hand sanitizer she had though because she said they would freak out if I didn’t smell like her. Umm, ok. Are Sugar Gliders really that picky? ^_^;;; It almost made me not want to pet them because I was scared of being bit.


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