My first wig


I never thought I would buy a wig or get extensions or braids, but this is what this natural hair journey has led me into- a world of fake hair to cover up my natural hair, haha. I bought this wig on Ebay for about $30 and, luckily, the seller was close to my area so it arrived at my doorstep pretty fast. I got it in ‘medium brown’ and was expecting it to be a bit lighter in color, but I’m kind of glad it isn’t. I absolutely love this wig! It’s synthetic, but it looks and feels so real. I’m completely sold on wigs now and I am a firm supporter of their magical ways.

I ordered two other wigs from another seller on Ebay, but, sadly, they won’t be arriving any time soon because they’re shipping from China. Which is a shame because I planned on wearing those to Anime Weekend Atlanta this Friday. Yes, I’m going to AWA with my boyfriend this weekend and I can’t wait! This will be our second year attending. I planned on dressing in full gyaru attire this year, but I doubt that I can. I’ve gained too much weight while in Job Corps (they serve breakfast, lunch, AND dinner- and it’s all free! How could I have turned it down?) so I can no longer fit properly into my Japanese schoolgirl uniforms and I ordered my first pair of circle lenses from Honey Color, but they won’t arrive to me by this weekend. I ordered the Max Elegance Tri-Tone Brown lenses. I can’t wait until they arrive.


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