2nd week as webcam model

I had another blog solely dedicated to my camming “career”, but I deleted it. It was a last minute Tumblr blog and, honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t do Tumblr. Tumblr is for pretty pictures and hipsters. I’m a writer. I write things. I belong here on Word Press with my people. I go by Sally Sweet in the cam world, but, in every other world- except for the real world- I go by the name Olivia Rochelle. Sally Sweet has become like my second persona and, despite how I started out hating her, I’ve come to realize that she’s much like the real me. No matter how much her name makes me want to shit rainbows and throw up lead paint, I must admit that it actually suits me quite well. I could never imagine a black girl with the name “Sally”, but it fits perfectly with Sweet and I’ve been called nothing but Sweet my whole life so I went with it and MFC (myfreecams.com) accepted it.

People always say that anything that relates to sex work is “easy work”, but I’ve come to find out that that is not true even in the slightest bit. Sex work is hard work, just like any other work. Who would have thought it would be hard work to make 20 different men hard at the same time and want to spend their hard earned money on me? You don’t just take your clothes off. You take your clothes off and jump through fuckin’ hoops for hours on end. One gentleman visited my room and asked me “what makes you different from the other cam models?” and I honestly didn’t know what to say. They have boobs, ass, and pussy- just like me; they have hair like me, eyes, and teeth. What exactly do I have that sets me apart from others?

I’m still trying to find my niche in the webcam model world. I started out hoping to be a non-nude model, but I’m starting to see that the more I come out of my shell, the more clothes I take off. I had a guy spend about $100 on me in a private show and I never took my underwear off, and barely even took my bra off. I made about $250 my first week camming, but, after you lose the “new model” status (you lose it after 10 hours on cam), it’s hard to bring in dedicated, regular “customers”. I am the store, I am the product. What can I do for them? A lot of models sell their underwear and make their own porn, and then there are the super creative ones who come up with all kinds of fun, wacky games. Some bake cookies, others cater to specific fetishes.

This is a new world to me and it’s fun trying to figure it out, but it can also be pretty draining.

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